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Welcome to the Community Development Online Complaint Form. This website was created to give another option for those seeking to file a complaint with the County. You may also call the County's Complaint Hotline at 434-296-5834 at anytime, or you may stop by the Department of Community Development to make a complaint in person during our normal business hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday (excluding some holidays).

Important information:

Both the Hotline and Online Complaint Form are monitored by staff during business hours. Your complaint will be processed or referred to the necessary department in the order it was received; however, complaints involving public safety or environmental hazards will be expedited.

If you have a concern about events taking place RIGHT NOW, such as littering, illegal dumping, or loose animals or livestock, please dial 434-977-9041 to notify the Police Department. Also be aware that the Police Department handles concerns regarding abandoned, unattended, or inoperable vehicles on PUBLIC property, whereas Code Enforcement handles these types of concerns regarding vehicles on PRIVATE property.

Before you place your complaint:

At a minimum, the County needs three pieces of information to fully investigate your complaint:
  1. The location of the violation (either by street address or by tax map and parcel number)
  2. A brief description of your complaint
  3. Your contact information
Please note that we will NOT be able to process your complaint without your name and telephone number or email. Communicating with complainants is necessary to obtain all the information we need to fully investigate your complaint. It also enables us to keep you informed. Your contact information will not be disclosed to anyone, so long as you show that you are exercising your right to provide it in confidence. You may do so by checking the box on the next page following the sentence, "Click here if you are furnishing your contact information in confidence." It is our goal for a staff member to contact you within three days of receipt of your complaint.

If you do not check the box in the "Complainant Information" section, then your contact information will be deemed to have not been provided in confidence and must be disclosed upon request under the Freedom of Information Act.

Our Process:

After processing your complaint, you will be notified of the following information:
  • Tracking number assigned to the case
  • Name and phone number of the Department Staff investigating your complaint.
County Staff will conduct a comprehensive investigation not limited to research and an onsite visit within two calendar weeks, but this may take longer depending on workload.

Our Goal:

The mission of the Department of Community Development is to enforce the Albemarle County Code professionally and consistently in order to enhance the quality of life and preserve the County’s natural resources. Therefore, the County seeks voluntary compliance for Code violations; however, we may proceed with warrant in debt action in Albemarle County General District Court seeking civil penalties, if necessary.

If you have any questions or just want to learn more about Code Enforcement, then please read the informational brochures below or call 434-296-5832.

What does Zoning and Code Enforcement mean to me, the residential property owner? Adobe Acrobat PDF File

What happens if my property is in violation of the County Ordinance? Adobe Acrobat PDF File  

Questions about this form should be directed to the Online Complaint Line 434-296-5834 or via email to Central Operations

Community Development Department
County of Albemarle

401 McIntire Road
Charlottesville, VA 22902

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