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At the direction of the Board of Supervisors, the County is considering revisions to the ordinance regulating Commercial and Industrial zoned properties not served by public water. Proposed changes will replace the current special use permit requirement for water consumption exceeding 400 gallons per site acre per day with a list of permitted uses and uses by special use permit. The purpose of these changes is to better align the Zoning Ordinance with the Comprehensive Plan goals of resource protection and Rural Area policy.


February 7, 2018                                Board of Supervisors Executive Summary and Resolution of Intent

April 16, 2018                                     Public Input Meeting Agenda


                                                                Potential Uses for Affected Commercial Properties

                                                                Potential Uses for Affected Industrial Properties

                                                                Public Meeting Summary

May 8, 2018                                     Proposed Changes - Planning Commission Meeting


                                                                Draft Ordinance with Staff Comments

                                                                Proposed Commercial By-Right Uses with Staff Comments

                                                                Proposed Industrial By-Right Uses with Staff Comments

                                                                Proposed Uses for C1 Zoned Properties

                                                                Proposed Uses for CO Zoned Properties

                                                                Proposed Uses for HC Zoned Properties

                                                                Proposed Uses for LI Zoned Properties

MAPS:                                                    ACSAJA Maps

Upcoming Meetings:

 May 8, 2018                                   Planning Commission Public Hearing at 6p.m. Lane Auditorium at 401 McIntire Road


 May 22, 2018                                Planning Commission Public Hearing Agenda (Continued from May 8, 2018) at 6p.m.,

                                                        Lane Auditorium at 401 McIntire Road


 June 13, 2018                                Board of Supervisors Public Hearing, Lane Auditorium at 401 McIntire Road