Community Development

 Department Vision, Mission & Goals  |  Citizen's Guide to Community Development


Vision Statement

Community Development will advance Albemarle County's recognition as a leader in providing an exceptional quality of life, creating a sustainable community, and protecting natural resources.


Mission Statement

Community Development is the County's steward for natural resources and the built environment. As that steward, we will:

  • Develop County ordinances and polices that support the County's vision,  
  • Communicate with the entire community on the development and administration of ordinances and policies,  
  • Enforce County ordinances and policies in a fair and consistent manner, and        
  • Improve our professional expertise of staff through ongoing professional development. 


Strategic Plan Goals

1.  Community Development will assures ordinances are fairly and consistently enforced by:

  1. Providing detailed guidance on applications and processes to the community, and   
  2. Improving consistency and compliance through the establishment of standard operating procedures and assuring those procedures are used. 

2.  Community Development will promote "open government" by:

  1. Accurately documenting and sharing our work with the community in a timely manner, and
  2. Assisting the entire community in understanding ordinances and policies through publications using a variety of media and community outreach.

3.  Community Development will assist in the development of policy by:

  1. Having the decision makers endorse our work program and processes when starting new initiatives,   
  2. Ensuring the community understand the processes and schedule, 
  3. Assuring the viewpoints of the affected community are part of policy considerations,
  4. Applying our full professional knowledge and expertise to policy initiatives. 

4.  Community Development will continuously improves the expertise of our staff by:

  1. Assuring training and professional development opportunities are available to improve the expertise and quality of service for all staff,  
  2. Communicating with our peer organizations to assure Community Development is always seeking better ways of doing work and sharing our expertise, and   
  3. Providing a positive work environment that encourages staff to bring forward ideas and changes that will improve Community Development.