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Development Area Master Plans 

What is Master Planning in Albemarle County?

The county's Comprehensive Plan divides the county into designated development areas (5%of the county or 35 square miles) and rural areas (95% of the county or 695 square miles). The intent is to focus development into the urban areas to create quality living areas, avoid sprawl, improve access to services and protect the rural areas.

Master planning the development areas encourages the best use of the finite space designated for development while creating attractive, livable urban communities for the people who live and work there. Master plans for each community become part of the County's Comprehensive Plan which is the county's guiding document for land use and resource protection issues.

Community participation is an integral part of the master planning process. We encourage community members to get involved and stay informed by attending public meetings, serving on community boards, signing up for email updates, reviewing the latest information on our website, and contacting us with questions and comments. We want to hear from you! 

Joint Community Advisory Committee Meeting

October 2016 Meeting Materials

FOIA Information Brief for CACs
Responding to FOIA guidance
Proffer Policy Guidance for CACs
Legal Aspects of Planning & Land Use Primer
Community Development Updates Presentation
Transportation Grant Funding Overview
Community Meetings Strategy for Consideration
Community Meeting Guidelines (current)


April 2015 Meeting Materials

Planning & Capital Projects Presentation Information on the Comprehensive Plan
Water Resources Programs Presentation More information on the program
Community Development Presentation Handout
Leadership Skills   Handout
Parks & Recreation Presentation Programs and events
Public Safety Presentation  
Joint Community Advisory 
Committee meeting

2014 Meeting Materials

Agenda Virginia Freedom of Information Act
Access to Public Meetings
Summary of Board of Supervisor's Proposed Budget Budget Calendar County Executive's Budget Message Memorandum from Deputy County Attorney Facilities Development Presentation