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Housing Policy Update Project



Albemarle County is committed to creating sustainable communities and safe, good quality housing opportunities for our residents. Since 2004, our Housing Policy has provided guidance on how we meet that need. However, new residential development in the County has not kept pace with growing housing demand leaving many County residents struggling to find housing they can afford. The Comprehensive Regional Housing Study and Needs Analysis report released in March 2019, identified more than 10,000 homeowners and renters who are paying more than they can afford for housing. And, as the County continues to grow, that number is estimated to increase by 4,000 households by the year 2040. To ensure the County continues to provide sufficient and appropriate housing opportunities in our community, we are undertaking an effort to update our Affordable Housing Policy. Once complete, the new policy will provide the tools necessary to meet the diverse housing needs of all County residents regardless of income, age, or other special needs.

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For information about the policy update and how we get there, click HERE.

To learn about housing needs in our community, read the regional housing study HERE