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Comprehensive Plan Update - Albemarle County is currently going through the review and update process of the Comprehensice Plan

Informational Video Series - Videos offered as an educational tool designed to provide a better understanding of development in Albemarle County

Amendments to Ordinances

Lickinghole Basin Fee Change

Lickinghole Creek Regional Stormwater Basin – Pro Rata Share Annual Rate Increase
On August 1, 2001, the Board of Supervisors adopted a resolution authorizing an annual increase in the rate to be used to determine a development's pro rata share for the Lickinghole Creek Regional Stormwater Basin. The rate is adjusted annually by the percentage of change in the Consumer Price Index (CPI). In order to determine a development’s pro rata share, the rate is multiplied by the increase in runoff (in cubic feet per second) projected to be caused by a proposed development in a ten-year storm.

Code Enforcement Online Complaint Form

County Announces CTS Bus Stop at County Office Building - 5th Street  Adobe Acrobat Document

Eastern Connector Website

Current Transportation Projects
Check this site for the latest updates on the
Georgetown Road

and Jarman's Gap Road

development projects, and the Eastern Connector Corridor Study.


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