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Welcome to the Web site for the Southern Urban Area B Study, a cooperative project among the City of Charlottesville, County of Albemarle, and University of Virginia. The study will focus on the Jefferson Park Avenue/Fontaine area, including University and County properties adjacent to the City boundary and lying south of Moore's Creek.

NEW!  Southern Urban Area B Study Final Report (September 10, 2004)


In 1986 the three jurisdictions agreed to coordinate planning efforts in Area "B," which includes land lying "at the boundaries of or between the University and either the City or County and on which the activities of any or all three of the parties might have an effect (p. 1 of the Agreement)." A number of studies have been completed over the years, and in fact the current project updates an earlier study of the same area, completed in 1988. Other Area B studies have addressed the Lewis Mountain and Venable neighborhoods, and West Main Street.


When completed, the study will produce a framework plan focusing on significant demographic, socio-economic, land use, transportation, and student housing patterns and trends. The timeframe for the study is one year. Because the budget is limited, the study will not incorporate the level of detail associated with the City's Corridor Study or the County's Crozet Master Plan. Nonetheless, we believe that when completed it will offer valuable guidance for future land use, transportation and housing decisions in this geographic area.

The Renaissance Planning Group (RPG) has been retained as planning and urban design consultants for the study, and joins us in welcoming you to this project Web site. Comments can be directed to the project manager at the following address:

David Benish, Chief of Planning
Albemarle County
Department of Community Development

401 McIntire Road
Charlottesville, VA 22902
296-5832 extension 3251

Downloads and Resources
We have provided the following resources regarding the Southern Urban Area B Study:

- New! Southern Urban Area B Study: Presentation to Board of Supervisors, September 1, 2004 (17.3 MB)
[You will need PowerPoint to view this presentation. Click
HERE to download the free PowerPoint Reader.]

- Southern Urban Area B Study Maps  Adobe Acrobat Document(2.52 MB) 
Southern Urban Area B Text  Adobe Acrobat Document(2.10 MB)

Additional Resources
Southern Urban Area B Existing Conditions Report Adobe Acrobat Document
- Southern Urban Area B and Related Study Areas Map Adobe Acrobat Document

- New! Southern Urban Area B Existing Conditions & Alternative Scenario Maps Adobe Acrobat Document[Print Size - 11" x 17"]
- New!
Southern Urban Area B Study Traffic Count Maps Adobe Acrobat Document[Print Size- 8.5" x 11"]

Meeting Notes
Project Advisory Group Meeting, Sept. 4, 2003 Adobe Acrobat Document
Community Stakeholders Meeting, Sept. 25, 2003 Adobe Acrobat Document
November 8, 2003 Meeting Agenda & Comments Adobe Acrobat Document
November 20, 2003 Presentation Meeting Notes Adobe Acrobat Document
Project Advisory Group Meeting, Jan. 22, 2004 Adobe Acrobat Document

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