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Service Programs provide the following services directly, or via purchase of service: Adult Services, Adult Protective Services, Child Protective Services, Foster Care and Adoption, Home Based Companion Services, Family Prevention and Support Services, Transportation, the Emergency Utility Program, and Foster Family/Provider Recruitment and Training.


 Picture of mother and child. Picture of elderly lady and health care worker.  Picture of boy walking into school. 

Adoption Services

Adult Services

Bright Stars

 Picture of help wanted ads.

Picture of a boy painting. 

 Picture of a girl.

Career Center

Child Care Services

Child Protective

 Picture of elderly lady and healthcare worker.  Picture of children in a classroom.  Picture of mother and children.

Companion Services

Family Support

Foster Care

 Picture of elderly man in a wheelchair at a window.  Picture of mother and child.  

Long Term Care

Virginia Initiative
for Employment Not
Welfare (VIEW)