Emergency Communications Center  |  The Dispatch Center

The dispatch center is the nerve center of the Emergency Communications Center.  This is where all emergency and non-emergency calls in the county of Albemarle, the city of Charlottesville, or the University of Virginia are received and processed.

The Emergency Communications Center has seven dedicated 911 trunk lines, seven dedicated 911 cell lines, two dedicated VoIP lines, plus six backup emergency lines.  We also have thirteen administrative lines for non-emergency calls, two dedicated alarm lines, and an 800 line for in-state long distance calls.  At the touch of a single button we can transfer calls to surrounding jurisdictions, Virginia State Police dispatch, poison control,  and the AT&T language line (for non English-speaking callers).

This room is the hub of all radio transmissions for the Albemarle County Police Department, the City of Charlottesville Police Department, the University of Virginia Police Department, the Charlottesville Fire Department, the Albemarle County Fire/Rescue Department, and the Charlottesville, Western Albemarle and Scottsville volunteer rescue squads.

There are three calltaker consoles and ten radio consoles in the dispatch center.  On most shifts however, there are only one or two calltakers and the six radio consoles staffed at any given time.  This is a view of the dispatch center showing the city police radio position.

The Radio Room at ECC

The Emergency Communications Center is a state of the art communications facility, as the photo of the fire dispatch console below illustrates.  Each radio console is equipped with two 19-inch flat panel touch screen LCD monitors; one for the radio and one for the phone system.  We operate a state-of-the art  800 megahertz digital trunked radio system.  The computer aided dispatch system occupies three additional 19-inch flat panel LCD monitors, including one monitor for the mapping and DMV/VCIN/NCIC system.

The Fire Dispatch console

(Click on image for a more detailed view.) 


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