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 Building Greener

In February 2007 the Board of Supervisors expressed unanimous support for pursuing LEED Certification for all newly-constructed County buildings. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and is a nationally-accepted rating system founded by the U.S. Green Building Council. The Crozet Library was the local government’s first planned LEED certified project. The County is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, and is involved with a regional chapter known as the James River Green Building Council.

Albemarle County Public Schools completed 2 LEED-registered projects – an addition on Albemarle High School and an addition on Brownsville Elementary School. Brownsville Elementary School received a LEED Gold certification in 2010 and Albemarle High School became LEED Silver certified in 2011. In addition, Henley Middle School opened a Renewable Energy Resource Center in 2012, featuring solar panels, solar thermal and a wind turbine. Please check the Schools Environmental Website for updates on current and future ACPS projects.

Incorporating sustainable designs into our projects supports the County’s commitment to pollution prevention and climate protection.


Safe Chemicals and Integrated Pest Management

In June 2008 the Board of Supervisors approved a Safer Chemical Management Procedure which promotes the use of non-chemical methods and safer product alternatives in day-to-day County operations and activities in lieu of using traditional, synthetic products.  The Procedure advocates replacing traditional and synthetic chemicals with non-chemical methods and less-toxic product alternatives. A few examples of practices outlined by the Procedure include: 1) custodial products be certified by Green Seal™, Green Guard™, Environmental Choice™, or EPA's Design for the Environment or meet outlined criteria; 2) chemical usage be eliminated when practicable and feasible in grounds management; if chemicals must be used, then organic or biological-based alternatives be used, with 5 outlined exceptions; and 3) the County implement a formal integrated pest management (IPM) program for the management of indoor pests.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a way to reduce pesticide use while maintaining pest control.  IPM takes a reduced toxicity approach to pest control and employs a variety of pest prevention methods instead of relying on pesticides alone. The Safer Chemical Management Procedure will be managed under the “umbrella” of our Environmental Management Policy, and it supports the County’s commitment to pollution prevention and waste minimization.

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Safer Chemical Waiver Request approved:

October 15, 2019 waiver request for treating Eastern Hemlock trees infested with Wooly Adelgid by Parks and REcreation at Biscuit Run Park.  Waiver approved October 23, 2019 with expiration date of December 1, 2019.

Product name: IMA-jet

Active Ingrediant: Imidacloprid: 5% via injection into tree.



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