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Five options have been identified for consideration to address the Courts' future needs. At this time options 1 and 5 are being explored. Those options are laid out in detail below. Click here to view a comparison matrix of all five options.

Option 1:  Downtown / Levy Expansion

Renovate Levy Opera House, demolish existing structures and construct a new three story General District Court (GD) facility on Levy site to accommodate two court sets for County, one court set for City and one court set for the county’s future expansion.  Also renovate and modernize existing Albemarle Circuit Court complex for expanded operations and associated court functions.
Key Factors:

Maintains courts in central, historic downtown location adjacent to other 16th District Court operations

High cost option – involves premium cost associated with construction due to constrained site, unknown conditions, historic renovations, demolition costs

Requires construction of expansion space in advance of need; does not allow for phasing.

Limited/uncertain parking conditions and ultimate cost to meet long term needs

Requires Legislative approval to move County General District Court out of County Seat

Involves partnership/contribution from City  for construction and parking accommodations

Most convenient for downtown attorneys/judges/Commonwealths Attorneys

Total estimated net cost to the County - $39.7 M

Financial Information:

Estimated Costs:
General District Courts
$30.3 M*
Estimated Costs:
Circuit Court
$16.8 M
Estimated Total $47.1 M*
City Share
($6.9 M)
Sale of Joint County/City Properties (Jessup)
($0.5 M)
Total Deductions: ($7.4 M)
Total Net Project Cost
to the County - Option 1:
$39.7 M*

*Numbers adjusted as of October 21, 2016 to reflect more precise cost comparison related to phasing between options one and four.

Option 5: Relocation of County General District & Circuit Courts to County Site

Construct new Courts complex in County assuming construction on county owned property or development partnership opportunity. Assumes a new ~85,000 SF building to accommodate Circuit Court - two Court Sets, General District Court - two Court Sets and all associated operational needs in modern up-to-date facilities.  Provides 250 public parking spaces plus 100 Staff/Judge secure spaces.
Key Factors:

Relocates County Court operations from the City to a County location

Initial phase relocates General District and Circuit Court operations

All County government and School operations remain in COB McIntire

Requires Referendum to relocate Courts and County Seat

Opportunity for County to sell existing County Courthouse to City for its future court needs

Resolves parking constraints

Creates optimal economic development/community revitalization opportunity by investing entire construction budget in the county

Provides for future expansion of courts and opportunity for modern, state of the art facilities

Allows phasing of future Court facilities, if needed, beyond 15 years in the new complex

Advances the County’s strategic priorities related to revitalization / redevelopment and urban place making

More initial uncertainty in schedule while securing appropriate development partner to maximize investment

Total estimated net cost to the County - $30.9M

Financial Information:

Estimated Construction Costs:
Based on 85,000 sf*
$34.0 M
Sale of Joint County/City Properties
(Jessup, Levy & 7th St. Market Parking)
($3.1 M)
Total Net Project Cost to the County - Option 5: $30.9 M


* Cost revised from original estimate based on more recent market data and similar scope project
in Hanover County.



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