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During 201p, the Project Management Division will construct three new sidewalk improvement projects in Albemarle County on Rio Road, Avon Street Extended, and Rockfish Gap Turnpike/Rt. 250 W. VDOT’s Revenue Sharing Program has funded these projects.  The maps below show approximate locations for these sidewalk improvement projects in purple.

The Project Management Division conducted a Design Public Hearing for these projects on October 10, 2016 to provide information and request public comment. View a PDF of the Presentation from the Public Hearing  

The Project Management Division and consultant are finalizing VDOT approval of the Right-of-Way Phase (60%) design plans and needed design waivers, and will then request VDOT authorization to proceed with the Right-of-Way and Utility Relocation Phase.

For more information about the projects, please contact Jack Kelsey, (434) 872-4501 x 3376 or by email at

Forecasted Schedule

Right of Way Authorization: November 2017

Right of Way Acquisition Complete: May 2018

Utility Relocations Complete: July 2018

Contract Plans & Specifications Finalized: October 2018

Ad for Construction: November 2018

Construction Activities: Spring / Summer 2019

Targeted Construction Completion: September 2019

The Rio Road sidewalk construction will take place on the west side of Rio Road from 150 feet south of Towne Lane to Pen Park Road and on the east side of Rio Road from 580 feet north of Dunlora Forest Drive to the John Warner Parkway. 

Map of Rio Road Sidewalk Project

The Avon Street Extended sidewalk construction will take place on the west side of Avon Street Extended from Arden Drive to Stoney Creek Drive and on the east side of Avon Street Extended from the Cale Elementary School northern exit to 250 feet south of Mill Creek Drive and from  Mill Creek Drive to Swan Lake Drive.
Map of Avon Street Extended Sidewalk Project
The Rockfish Gap Turnpike/Rt. 250 W sidewalk construction will take place on both sides of the Rockfish Gap Turnpike from Clover Lawn Lane to Radford Lane, and on the north side of Rockfish Gap Turnpike from Radford Lane to Cory Farm Road, and along the east side of Cory Farm Road from Rockfish Gap Turnpike to Little Fox Lane.



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