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Albemarle County offers the ability to file Business Taxes and pay tax bills on line.

               To Pay Real Estate/Personal Property Tax click here.

               To File/Pay Business Taxes click here.


Disclaimer: Albemarle County assumes no responsibility for incorrect information entered by taxpayers. Taxpayers are responsible for ensuring payments are made in sufficient time to meet required deadlines. Taxpayers are responsible for printing and retaining the confirmation of their payment. Payments must be confirmed prior to midnight of the scheduled due date to be considered on time. Failure of a taxpayer to understand any information provided herein will not constitute grounds for waiver of any penalties or interest due to late payments.


Please remember:

  • Please note that if your taxes are from 2016 and prior years, your account has been turned over to a collections agency.  For a full statement of the amount due, please contact Taxing Authority Consulting Services, P.C. at (804) 545-2500 or email

  • Credit card company by-laws require the Department of Finance to use a third party to process credit card payments for VISA, MasterCard, and Discover. Albemarle County uses a third-party processor named PayPal to process credit card payments for property taxes. To use the online service, PayPal will charge you a convenience fee of $0.30 cents + 2.5% transaction fee if paid by credit card or PayPal.  The County is pleased to also offer payments by e-check however due to an increasing volume of problems with customers' e-check payments such as insufficient funds, closed bank accounts, incorrect bank account numbers, and other problems, we regret that we must now charge $1.50 to process your e-check payments.  This additional $1 fee prevents the County from accepting transactions that are invalid due to these various reasons.  A PayPal account is NOT necessary to pay your bill(s) online.  Albemarle County does NOT receive any of these fees.
  • Partial payments will be accepted; however, please be aware that payments will be applied to oldest balances first and partial payments will not constitute waiver of any penalties or interest on unpaid portions. 


  • It may take up to 24 hours for your payment to be processed and reflected on the website.