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  • Every fire and rescue station in Albemarle County if having a fall open house on October 8, 2016 from 10 AM to 2 PM. Come meet your station members and see how you can help. For more information click here.
  • A new resource has been created for the upcoming FOG Guide implementation. Please visit the page for more information.
  • Is your home fire safe? Watch this video to learn how to protect your family with smoke alarms and a fire escape plan!  Remember, where there’s love, there’s smoke alarms.  Click here for English and here for Spanish.

Albemarle County Fire Rescue has been selected to participate in the first national study of fire rescue workers' health and wellness. We are one of 10 organizations selected out of a pool of over 200 interested departments from across the nation. We will be testing the effectiveness of an online health and wellness program intended to improve volunteer and career members' nutrition and fitness, and reduce their risk of obesity and cardiovascular disease.

This $1.5 million dollar study was funded through a FEMA grant to Susie Day, Ph.D at The University of Texas Health Science Center. The First Twenty program is a nonprofit dedicated to improving the health of American fire rescue workers, created by firefighter Dave Wurtzel. The National Volunteer Fire Council is also an integral part of the recruiting process and support for this project.

Click here to sign up or for more information.



  • Link to the press release on Project Risk. 
  • Watch this video on the importance of smoke alarms.

Do you have what it takes?  We are participating in the Everyday Hero recruitment campaign;
call  or click here for more information

 Do you have what it takes?

About our Department

Albemarle County has a unique emergency services system. Volunteer and career personnel cooperatively provide fire, rescue, and emergency medical services to the community while partnering with other local and regional emergency services organizations.  We are an equal opportunity, progressive organization whose goal is to provide the highest quality service within the constraints of our funding and personnel resources.

The department provides emergency fire, rescue, and medical services for nearly 93,000 residents and 726 square miles of land.  Our stations serve response areas that are urban and rural with an annual population growth increase of 2.1 percent.  Our population growth, while moderate compared to some, challenges us to find creative ways to maintain high standards and meet our ever-increasing demands for service. 

Albemarle County maintains a centralized headquarters to coordinate the provision of fire, rescue, and emergency medical services.  Commonly referred to as ACFR, these staff members handle administrative tasks, training, volunteer programs, fire prevention and life safety programs, and provide career operations staffing to supplement volunteer staffing.

Our system has approximately 600 active volunteers who provide life and property saving services to its citizens. Volunteers make up over 75% of the total number of emergency response personnel, saving Albemarle County taxpayers millions of dollars per year. We are actively recruiting volunteers for all fire and rescue stations throughout Albemarle County, Virginia. Make a difference in your community and volunteer today. It’s exciting and rewarding.

You can make a difference. We provide all necessary training at no cost to you and have volunteer opportunities for everyone—from emergency medical services and fire fighting to administrative jobs helping behind the scenes. Contact us today!

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