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 Image Trend Updates and Information 

  • *  Ensure you check the "member making report" field in a NFIRS report, sometimes this is defaulting to the member making report from an associated PCR. Image Trend is currently working on correcting the issue and staff is aware of the issue.
  • * Incident numbers on PCR's and NFIRS reports are now read only. Please let us know if you are seeing any reports missing or not coming over from CAD.
  • * Refusal Worksheets will sometimes disappear after you have saved them. Image Trend is aware of this issue and working on fixing the issue. Please be aware of this issue and make sure you document that you completed a refusal worksheet in your narrative. 
  • * Please make sure you are currently using Google Chrome for all Image Trend Elite Field and Elite Web reports.
  • * Incident numbers should be expressed as 2017-0000XXXX 
  • * We need your help – the minute you recognize that an incident report is missing from the NFIRS Fire side of Image Trend or if you don’t find your unit in the EMS CAD download information please send Gerald Smith ( and an email with the incident number and/or address, date, and approximate time of the missing incident.

 Image Trend Frequently Asked Questions 

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  • ImageTrend User Guide (updated 12/09/16)




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