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Albemarle County Fire Rescue System Policies  (Issued Since 4/20/2011, applies to all system personnel)

Policy Description Effective Date
Regional_IMS_ICS_Policy Regional IMS/ICS Policy  
SAP_DEP_008 Hepatitis-B Vaccinations 2012-02-23
SAP_DEP_010 Volunteer Parks & Recreation Season Passes 2012-02-23
SAP_DEP_012 Influenza Vaccinations 2012-02-23
SAP_DEP_026 Fleet Plan 2012-08-23
SAP_DEP_027 Incident Reporting 2011-12-02
SAP_DEP_029 Personnel Reporting 2011-12-02
SAP_DEP_034 Background Screenings 2012-02-23
SAP_DEP_038 Fire Marshal Notification 2012-02-23
SAP_DEP_041 Exit Interviews 2012-02-23
SAP_DEP_048 Line of Duty Benefits 2013-07-01
SAP_DEP_051 Driver Eligibility 2018-05-01
SAP_DEP_052 Working Incident Policy 2015-04-06
SAP_DEP_053 OIG's List of Excluded Individuals and Entities 2015-09-09
SAP_DEP_056 Respiratory Protection 2016-09-01
SAP_OPS_008 Special Operations Team Membership 2018-03-01
SAP_TRN_002 Release Process 2013-03-26
SOG_OPS_007 Field Operations Guide (FOG) 2015-11-01
SOG_OPS_016 Modified Response 2017-04-27
SOG_OPS_026 Turnout Gear Maintenance and Supply 2016-05-25
SOG_OPS_027 Domestic and Wild Animal Response 2017-04-01

Albemarle County Fire Rescue (ACFR) Policies (Applies to Career Personnel and Volunteer ACFR Staff only) 

Policy Description  
SAP_DEP_002 Patient Care Protocols  
SAP_DEP_003 Personnel Apparel & Appearance  
SAP_DEP_004 Grants  
SAP_DEP_005 Fitness & Wellness  
SAP_DEP_006 Customer Service  
SAP_DEP_015 Team Services Utilization  
SAP_DEP_016 EMS Cost Recovery  
SAP_DEP_019 Special Incident Reporting  
SAP_DEP_020 Internships  
SAP_DEP_022 Total Rewards  
SAP_DEP_023 Individual Development Plans  
SAP_DEP_030 Project Management & Planning  
SAP_DEP_031 Employee Recruitment Bonus Program  
SAP_DEP_033 Standards of Conduct  
SAP_DEP_040 Pay and Leave  
SAP_DEP_043 Light Duty  
SAP_DEP_044 Vehicle assignment and appropriate use policy  
SAP_DEP_046 Cell Phone Usage  
SAP_DEP_047 Career Development Program  
SAP_DEP_049 Epinephrine Auto Injector on person & oxygen in POV's  
SAP_DEP_050 Driver Training & Release Program  
SAP_OPS_003 Glucometer  
SAP_OPS_004 Duty Officer  
SAP_OPS_006 Weather Guidelines  
SAP_OPS_007 QA/QI Tiered Infractions and Discipline  
SAP_OPS_012 IV/Medication Kits  
SAP_OPS_013 Exposure Control Plan/Infection Control  
SAP_OPS_018 Staffing and Leave Policy - Operations  
SAP_PRV_001 On-Call Compensation for Prevention Personnel  
SAP_PRV_002 Development Reports  
SOG_DEP_002 Personal Fireground Decontamination  
SOG_DEP_004 Small Unmanned Aircraft System Unit  
SOG_OPS_001 Advanced Life Support  
SOG_OPS_002 Medication Administration Procedure  
SOG_OPS_003 CARS Operational Oversight  
SOG_OPS_021 EMS Documentation  
SOG_OPS_023 EMS Mutual Aid to Surrounding Localities by Career Personnel  

Patient Transport Destination Guidelines



Policies Issued prior to 4/20/2011  (formerly known as ACFRAB Policies, currently under review)

SAP_DEP_007 Volunteer Funding Policy  
SAP_DEP_009 Volunteer Personal Property Tax Exemption  
SAP_DEP_011 Department Identification Cards  
SAP_DEP_013 Tools & Equipment Colors & Marking Specifications  
SAP_DEP_017 Emergency Vehicle Accident Reporting  
SAP_DEP_018 Volunteer Capital Funding for Facilities  
SAP_DEP_024 Central Supply  
SAP_DEP_028 Fitness/Exercise Facilities & Equipment Use  
SAP_DEP_032 Line of Death Duty Policy  
SAP_DEP_035 Advisory Board Member Responsibilities  
SAP_DEP_036 Budget Submission Responsibilities  
SAP_DEP_037 Chaplaincy Program  
SAP_OPS_002 Fill Site Pre-Plan  
After Action Review Process
SAP_OPS_017 Junior Firefighter Programs  
SAP_TRN_001 Live Fire Training Evolutions  
SAP_TRN_004 Minimum Training Standards  
SOG_OPS_001 Advanced Life Support  
SOG_OPS_009 Alarm Activation Cancellation  
SOG_OPS_011 Communications Guidelines  
SOG_OPS_013 Emergency Vehicle Backing  
SOG_OPS_014 Gas Detectors  
SOG_OPS_017 Vehicle & Traffic Safety  
SOG_OPS_018 Turnout Times (Fire)  
SOG_OPS_019 Personnel Accountability System  
SOG_OPS_020 ALS Response  





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