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Albemarle County Fire Rescue accepts applications beginning annually on January 1st and July 1st for a two-month period.

* Application deadline has been extended to 9/23/18*

Online applications are available here.

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About us

Albemarle County Fire Rescue is a combination department which provides emergency fire, rescue, and medical services for 105,000 residents and 726 square miles of land. Our staffing consists of 109 career personnel and 450 volunteers countywide with response areas that are urban and rural. Albemarle County has 6 Fire Stations, 5 Rescue Squads, and 4 combination stations. Albemarle County Fire Rescue is fortunate to have modern equipment, apparatus, and fitness facilities within stations.

Our county surrounds the City of Charlottesville and the University of Virginia, and includes a wide variety of protection demands from residential to industrial, including national historical treasures, high security government facilities, and the Charlottesville-Albemarle Regional Airport.


Our biggest asset:  our people!

Our personnel are highly qualified and motivated. In addition to working seamlessly on the job, many of our personnel participate together as a team off duty in sporting events such as marathons and 5ks for charity, local softball leagues, participation in 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb, and most recently the Spartan Race.  Employees also regularly gather outdoor sports and solidly participate in various local charity events.  Carry the Load!



Albemarle County Career Staff provide staffing at several volunteer stations as well as our County owned stations. This necessitates two different staffing models. Our Day shift personnel work four 12 hour shifts each week with a rotating day off and most major holidays. Our 24 hr shift follows the 3 / 4 model. Personnel can expect to be assigned to either shift during their career with our department.  B crew, Station 15


Experience rewarded

Starting salary $39,114 with a pay-for-experience program in place. ALS stipend of $6,581/year for Intermediate level and above once released to provide ALS care in our system. A career development stipend program is also in place.

****Effective January 1, 2019 we will have a new Public Safety Pay Scale with a starting salary of $42,305 - $68,044 once released as FF/EMT in our system (depending on experience level).  We also offer an ALS stipend of $6,581 and a career development program with stipends for DPO, HAZMAT, and TRT.  College degree incentives also offered.  For more info on where your experience falls on the scale, contact Capt. Nickie Huff at 434-296-5833, #2549.  ****



Minimum qualifications:

EMT-B (Virginia or national registry certification), valid Virginia driver’s license (at time of hire), High school diploma or GED. When applying online, please make sure you list all of your certifications and experience in the additional information section.

Candidates need to successfully complete: Interview process, written and agility testing,and background check


Hiring Timelines

January hiring timeline

July hiring timeline



Preparing for the Firefighter/EMT Hiring Process

Application & Resume Preparation


Physical Agility Test



Timed Circuit-7 Minute Time Limit

Before beginning the timed event, you will be given the opportunity to select a helmet, firefighter gloves, and a 50-lb weighted vest, which you will be expected to wear throughout the entire timed event.  If at any time during the event, you begin to feel over heated, dizzy, chest pain, or severe shortness of breath, tell the time controller.  There are EMS providers on site to evaluate you.

Hose Drag

  • 100 feet of 2 1/2 inch hose (two fifty foot sections, coupled together) being dragged 250 feet so that both end couplings pass the finish line.  The start of this station is the start of the 7-minute time.
  • The station monitor will tell you when to pick up the hose, let the time controller know when you are set to begin.


The time controller will monitor your time from beginning to end and guide you from station to station. 

Hydrant Cap


  • From the finish line of the hose drag the candidate will walk over to the marked hydrant.  The candidate will remove all hydrant caps, and then place the hydrant caps back on hand tight.
  • The station monitor ensures that the caps are on hand tight when you finish.


The time controller will monitor your time and guide you to and from this station.



Ladder Carry

  • The candidate leaves the hydrant cap station and walks over to the ladder carry station.  The candidate lifts a 14-foot roof ladder (using proper leg lifting technique) and carries the ladder 250 feet to the finish line.  Once the ladder has been lifted, neither end may touch the ground until reaching the finish line.  The candidate may carry the ladder any way that they want, so long as they do not let either end touch the ground and they use proper leg lifting technique when lifting the ladder up and setting the ladder down.
  • The station monitor will watch you lift the ladder, tell you when you have crossed the finish line, and when you can set the ladder down.  The monitor will return the ladder to the starting line.

The time controller will monitor your time and direct you from the finish line to the next station.


Step Up

  • The candidate will lift a hose pack of 100 feet of 1 1/2 inch hose onto their shoulder and step up onto a platform (8 inches in height) with both feet completely on the platform and then back to the ground with both feet for a complete repetition.  The candidate must complete thirty repetitions before putting the hose pack back down.
  • The station monitor will count your repetitions and advise you when you can put the hose pack down.  If the station monitor does not count a repetition, it indicates that for some reason you did not complete the repetition as required.  THE OFFICIAL COUNT IS THAT OF THE STATION MONITOR, NOT YOURS.  ONLY WHEN THE STATION MONITOR SAYS YOU HAVE COMPLETED THIRTY REPETITIONS, ARE YOU FINISHED WITH THE STATION.


The time monitor will monitor your time and direct you to the next station.




  • You will pick up a 10-pound sledgehammer, gripping between the painted mark and the handle end. Lift it above your head and strike a marked block on the ground.  The hammer must come above your head for the strike to count, but extreme force is not necessary.  You must complete twenty strikes to finish the station. 
  • The station monitor will count your strikes.  If the station monitor does not count a strike it is because you did not meet the objective.  THE OFFICIAL COUNT IS THAT OF THE STATION MONITOR, NOT YOURS.  ONLY WHEN THE STATION MONITOR SAYS YOU HAVE COMPLETED TWENTY STRIKES, ARE YOU FINISHED WITH THE STATION.


The time controller will monitor your time and direct you to the next station.



Forcible Entry

  • You will lift a flat head axe, strike a tire on a sixteen-inch rim lying flat on a table with the flat head of the axe, driving the tire from one end of the table to the other, and then back again.  The front edge of the tire must extend over the end of the table. 
  • The station monitor will watch your strikes and tell you when the tire reaches the desired location.  ONLY WHEN THE STATION MONITOR SAYS THAT YOU HAVE ACCOMPLISHED THE OBJECTIVE HAVE YOU DONE SO. 


The time controller will monitor your time and direct you to the next station.


Dummy Drag


  • You will be required to drag a 165-pound dummy a total of 125 feet.  You may drag the dummy any way that you like, by one arm, both arms, under the arms, with the harness provided, feet first; it is up to you. 
  • The station monitor will tell you when you have reached the finish line.

The time controller will call time when you have completed the station or when you have run out of time.


This concludes the physical agility examination. After completion of the timed circuit, you will return your gloves, helmet, and weighted vest to the staging area.  You are given a 15-minute break in a designated Rehab area during which time refreshments will be available. Your vital signs shall be recorded in accordance with rehab guidelines.  IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU REMAIN IN THE REHAB AREA AND NOT WONDER AROUND THE STATION OR COURSE DURING THIS TIME.



  • At any time an individual candidate feels that he or she has been unfairly treated, that candidate may ask to speak to the testing coordinator and/or the Human Resources representative. 



If a candidate feels they have a legitimate complaint and is not satisfied with the results of their discussion with the testing Coordinator and Human Resources representative, they may submit their complaint in writing to the Director of Human Resources for the County of Albemarle. 


ADA Accommodations

  • Accommodations in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) are considered on a case-by-case basis. 
  • Requests for specific accommodations should be submitted in writing at least two weeks prior to the PRACTICE TEST. 
  • The request must indicate the specific needs of the individual and be accompanied by appropriate documentation validating the need.


Annual & Sick Leave (begins accruing on date of hire)
Sick Leave Bank
Paid/Compensated Holidays
Life Insurance (double annual salary)
Retirement through the Virginia Retirement System (VRS) with Firefighter Supplement (LEOS)
Supplemental Retirement (available pre-tax through Nationwide Retirement Solutions)
Health & Vision Insurance
Dental Insurance
Flexible Benefit Pre-Tax Program
Tuition Reimbursement
Discount Program
Free Admission to Albemarle County Parks & Recreation Facilities


Click here for Albemarle County employment opportunities.
Job descriptions for positions may be viewed
Employee Benefits information is available 
Employee Salary Schedules are available

For more information on the hiring or application processes, please contact Nickie Huff.




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