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For questions about your bill or an insurance issue, please call: (888) 248-7936.

EMS Cost Recovery is a program to recover the costs of emergency medical services associated with transporting a patient to the hospital by ambulance. Medicaid, Medicare and most other private insurance policies (health, auto and/or homeowners) allow for reimbursement for this service. This cost recovery method has been implemented successfully by more than 40 localities in Virginia to recover necessary funds to support the increasing costs of EMS services.

More than 80% of residents in the Commonwealth, and 85% nationwide, live in localities that have EMS cost recovery in place. If you were to have an accident or need emergency transport to a hospital in one of these many localities, including our surrounding jurisdictions of Augusta, Nelson, Orange, Louisa, Greene and Rockingham, your insurance would be billed and those funds would go towards supporting that county’s EMS system. We think it makes sense for Albemarle County to recover costs for our EMS system in that same way.

Albemarle County has a Resident Program, whereby bona fide County residents are not responsible for any charges, including co-pays or deductibles, after all applicable insurance payments have been collected. Non-residents who have no insurance or who are unable to pay their insurance copayments or deductibles will be treated with compassion and provided with options to ensure that financial hardship is avoided, with the bottom line being that people who cannot pay will not have to pay. The County is focused on collecting reimbursement from insurance companies who are already charging policy holders for this service. Until now those funds have gone untapped by the County and the burden of paying the increasing costs of providing EMS services in the County has fallen solely on our taxpayers.  

For ambulance related records requests please contact the Privacy Officer at (434) 269-5833, option 5.

Refund Policy:   Refunds are handled on a department by department basis. Departmental refund policies vary based on the service, fee or item paid for, as well as the original mode of payment used, i.e., cash, check or credit card. For more information about refunds please contact the department providing the service or charging the tax or fee.

Key Highlights:

  • No one will ever be denied treatment or transport based on their ability to pay
    • Most insurance policies, including Medicare and Medicaid, already allow for reimbursement for this service;
    • The compassionate billing policy ensures that anyone who cannot pay will not be required to pay; and
    • Residents are not responsible for any charges, including co-pays or deductibles, after all applicable insurance has been paid. 

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