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 Process for Becoming a Landlord to an Albemarle County Voucher Holder:   

  • -Find a voucher holder that would like to rent from you.  We do not "place" people in units but will be happy to post your available unit to our bulletin board and/or add you to our Landlord Rental Listing.  NOTE: We do not perform credit checks on our applicants. We encourage all landlords to screen potential tenants
  • -Fill out the Mover Packet provided by our Office.  This packet asks that the landlord answer some basic questions about the unit such as address, number of bedrooms, proposed rent, utilities and appliance questions,and your contact information.  Once this form has been completed and returned to us, our inspector, Bill Perry, will contact you to schedule an inspection on the unit.
  • -Inspection is completed with a pass or fail score. Here is a Landlord Checklist to give our new landlords the knowledge of what our inspector will be looking for when visiting your unit.  A typical inspection takes about 15 to 20 minutes.  If your unit fails inspection, you will be given time to make necessary repairs and another inspection will be performed.  All required repairs or renovations must be completed before the Housing Choice Voucher Program participant is allowed to lease and occupy the unit.  In addition to inspecting the condition of the unit, he will also perform a rental comparison to other similar units in the area.  The purpose of the rental comparison is to determine if the proposed rent is reasonable in comparison to rental amounts of in the same area. For any other questions about the inspection process, please contact Bill Perry at 434-972-4011 ext. 3395 or by email to Bill Perry


  •  *Your new tenant will be responsible for a portion of the rent which is determined by our Office.  Landlords are notified, in writing, of any changes in tenant rental payment portions.  For example, if your tenant loses their job, you will continue to receive the full amount of rent. However, the tenant portion will be adjusted according to their current income and our payment will be adjusted to cover the full amount of rent to the landlord.  Our portion of rental subsidy is mailed directly to you on the last business day of the month. 


 How Can the Housing Choice Voucher Program Help Me?

The subsidized rental portion paid by ACOH is paid directly to the landlord/management company, on time, each month.  Properties that accept Housing Choice Vouchers as are listed for prospective tenants, lowering your marketing costs.  Subsidy amounts can be adjusted depending on the tenant's needs.  If a tenant is employed, the amount of their rent is adjusted according to their income.  This means you STILL receive your full rent each month, regardless of the tenant's employment status.


Other Important Information:

  •  HOUSING QUALITY STANDARDS (HQS): Each dwelling that is rented to a Housing Choice Voucher Program participant must meet HUD housing quality standards.  Each unit is inspected prior to occupancy and then biennially.  


  • FAIR HOUSING AND EQUAL OPPORTUNITY: Landlord/management company and their agents are required to comply with all federal and state fair housing laws.  Landlord/management company and their agents shall not deny tenancy based on race, color, sex, religion, creed, national or ethnic origin, familial status, handicap or disability.


  • LEASE EXECUTION: Once a unit passes the HQS inspection, the tenant, landlord/management company and ACOH will execute contracts between the various parties.  The landlord/management company will have a contract with the tenant and a separate contract with ACOH.   The landlord/management company will receive the tenant's portion of the rent directly from the tenant each month and ACOH's portion of the rent directly from ACOH each month.


  •  SECURITY DEPOSIT: The landlord/management company may collect up to the maximum allowable deposit under the Virginia Residential Landlord/Management Company and Tenant Act (VRLTA).  Please refer to the act for more specific information.


  •  TAX INFORMATION: Rental assistance paid to the landlord/management company/management company under the Housing Choice Voucher program is reported to the Internal Revenue Service.  1099 tax forms are issued to the landlord/management company annually.


  •  TENANT SELECTION: The landlord/management company/management company is responsible for ensuring the tenant meets selection criteria.  The criteria must be provided, in writing, to applicants.




What the Program does NOT do:

 Our office does not screen tenants for the landlord/management company:

  • ACOH assesses the eligibility of each family for the Housing Choice Voucher Program.  It is the landlord/management company's responsibility to screen each tenant. 
  • AHOH does not provide management or maintenance for the leased property.  The landlord/management company is responsible for the management and maintenance of each dwelling unit. 
  • ACOH does not serve as a collection agency.  It is the landlord/management company’s responsibility under the Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act to make sure they are paid any amounts owed by the tenant.

The County of Albemarle Office of Housing provides all program services without regards to Race, Color, Sex, Religion, Creed, National Or Ethnic Origin, Age, Familial Status, Handicap Or Disability. The County of Albemarle Office Of Housing Is Accessible To Persons With Disabilities. Accessibility for the Hearing-Impaired Is Provided By Calling the Virginia Relay Center by Dialing 711.



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