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The following FAQs are intended for prospective employees, substitutes, temporary employees, etc.  If you are a current full-time or part-time regular employee, please visit the FAQ page on the Employee Resources site (requires valid credentials).


I've applied for a job, and want to follow up. When will someone contact me?



How many hours per day must an employee work to be eligible for benefits?



When do I get paid?

Am I eligible for overtime or compensatory time?

I need to change my tax withholding. How do I do that?

If I request to have additional taxes withheld, will that amount be deducted from each paycheck?

I need a copy of my W-2 form. Where can I find that?


Teacher Licensure

I am a teacher and hold state license elsewhere, how do I find out Virginia's requirements for licensure?

How do I go about applying for my initial Virginia teacher license?

What Professional Teaching Assessments does Virginia require for initial licensure?

What documentation is required to post college credits to a licensure account?

I am interested in becoming a teacher. I hold a degree, but not for education, how do I find out what I need to do? Are there special programs for people who are "career switchers"?


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