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Inmate Phones
Upon being booked in, all inmates receive 2 free calls to call family, friends or their attorney.  After those initial two (2) calls have been used, all called parties must then set up Paytel in order to receive calls.  This can be done by calling 1-800-729-8355 or, a prepaid inmate phone service. Paytel accepts payment by check, money order, credit card, Western Union. Calling cards are not offered at this time. ACRJ opted for this prepaid service, to help families manage how much they spend on jail calls.  When the account runs below the minimum, calls will not go through.  Click on the Paytel website above for rate information and payment options.

  1. Accounts can be set up for landlines or cell phones.
  2. Each number that an inmate calls must have its own account set up with a minimum of $25 to receive calls.  If not the inmate calls won’t go through. (family, friends, attorneys, bail bond companies and any other person/businesses wishing to receive calls)
  3. All calls are recorded and subject to monitoring by detention facility staff due to security concerns: including (i) protecting victims and potential witnesses from harassing telephone calls, (ii) reducing opportunities for continued criminal activities from inside the jail, including threats to others, and (iii) helping reduce the potential for escape.
  4. Calls are 15 minutes.
  5. An inmate can make as many calls they want.
  6. Phones are available 8:00 am until 10:00 pm daily.
  7. You may not be reimbursed for dropped calls. (Cell phone accounts are set up at your own risk).
  8. Access to the telephone is not a right, but rather a privilege other than attorney calls, and as such this privilege may be regulated and/or terminated in accordance will facility policies and procedures. You will not be reimbursed for calls disable for safety and security reasons of the facility.
  9. Incoming calls are not permitted.
  10. Staff is not allowed to give messages to inmates including advising them that an account has been set up for them to call you. Upon arrival inmates are advised that it may take a few days for you to set up an account. Bonafide emergency messages (which will be verified) should be addressed to the Shift Commander and will be given to the inmate according to facility policy and procedure.
  11. Inmates are not permitted access to cell phones or to the jail's business telephones.
  12. If you receive a call from an inmate, and you are threatened or harassed in any way, the best option is not to accept anymore calls. However, if this does happen to you, you should file a report with your local law enforcement agency who can investigate to determine whether criminal prosecution should be initiated.
  13. Phone blocks and unblocks
    a. Phone block request and removal over the phone are only valid for 3 work days. 
    b. Requests must be made in writing by the phone account holder by fax, mail, or in person).
                   i.      Administrative (ACRJ) block – removal will require the approval of jail administration or designee. 
                   ii.      Called party requested block – removal will require request in writing. 

You are not allowed to make 3-way calls for an inmate(s) for any reason.  This includes but is not limited to:  calling family, friends, victims, ACRJ, Probation and Parole, OAR, Region Ten, attorneys, courts etc. Violation of ACRJ phone policies could result in disciplinary actions against the inmate and your phone number shall be suspended by the facility from receiving calls from ACRJ and/or criminal charges could also be placed against you for assisting in criminal activities. 
If you are having trouble setting up your account, would like to have your phone number blocked / unblocked, or have any other questions regarding the inmate phones, contact ACRJ to speak with the Accreditation Manager who will be glad to assist you.

Gequetta “G” Murray-Key, Accreditation Manager
Phone: (434) 977-6981 x226   Fax: (434)-951-1339

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