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Regional Jail  |  Inmate Phone System


As of 6/2/17 @ 356p SUBJECT TO CHANGE

Thank you for your patience this week.

A New way to add money (the company has changed so please use the new process) 

NEW website, kiosk etc. 

*Web: http://   “ JAILATM.COM “ reference the website instructions

For a convenient way to deposit money, follow these steps:

$    Go to

$    Click on the Sign In  button.

$    Enter an email address. (Use the Contact link at the bottom left if your email does not work) 

$    Click the Next button to create an account.

$    Fill in the requested information.

$    If you have any questions using this Web site, click on the Contact link                                                     at the bottom left part of the screen. 

*Phone Option to add Money to the Commissary:  NO LONGER AVAILABLE, at this time unfortunately

*Mail available:  (cashier’s check or money order ONLY)
c/o Inmate’s Name
PO Box 7626
Charlottesville, VA 22906

*Jail staff will not accept hand delivered cashier’s check or money order for              any reason.
*This process has not changed.

*Kiosk:  available  24/7 at the jail in the main lobby 

CASH  - $1 , $2, $5, $10, $20, $50 or $100  bills accepted– no change is given or no change is accepted for deposits
* Cash will not be accepted by jail staff if the lobby kiosk is working
*There is No limit on the amount of cash that can be placed on inmates or                 a group of inmates.

Credit Card can be done in these increments (ONLY VISA & Master Card)
 *($20.00  fee is -$3.50)  
*($50.00 fee is - $5.00) 
*($100  fee is - $10)
*Credit card is NOT accepted by jail staff
*Family members can ONLY make up to $300 in deposits per credit                        /debit card per week regardless of how many different inmates’ money is                being added to.

ISSUES WITH FUNDS POSTING:  If for some reason the money posted on            an inmate account through any method does not post the                                           sender/depositor MUST go online to resolve it at http:// ( click               the CONTACT US – to fill out the form)
     - Neither Jail staff nor OASIS has access to this information

IF KIOSK IS DOWN  The lobby kiosk may be down for processing. If the kiosk is down due to issues out of the depositor’s control (according to ACRJ’s rules) – authorized jail staff will take those funds and write a receipt for the account to be credited as soon as possible between the hours of 9a to 3p Monday - Friday except jail recognized holidays. Please see the information above on how to check on funds deposited above.

IC Solutions PHONE ACCOUNT ONLY set up 
      -Just to the phone only they should contact IC Solutions 1-888-506-8407, or            visit to set up a new pre-paid collect account     
      -Inmates have voice mail
You must do this method to leave them a voicemail. It costs          families $1          to leave it but inmates pay nothing to listen.
      -After setup: You must dial 434-260-6640 in order to leave the actual voice                message.

Contact: Mrs. Murray Key at x226 or or Mrs. Bradley x234 at bradleyb@acrj.orgEmail is the best form of contact. 

ggmk: 6/2/17  356p


Inmate Telephone Service as of 12/15/15

NOTE: There are several ways to add funds but review the information in its entirety to ensure you select the best option for you. ACRJ nor IC Solutions are responsible for refunds.

Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail has contracted with IC Solutions - an inmate telephone service provider.  You can contact IC Solutions at 1-888-506-8407, or visit to set up a new pre-paid collect account. ACRJ wants to help families stay connected. This is to set up a phone account only.

       • TDD/TTY services are provided for the hearing impaired
       • Language Line translation is provided (for limited English speaking Inmates and their families)
       • Embassy and Consulate contact / access information

Attorney (free)
You can set up an account to receive free from your client contact for more information
                     o  Attorneys still have to be willing to accept the call 

Bond (free)
You can set up an account to receive free calls from inmates housed at ACRJ contact
                 for more information
                     o  Bondsman still have to be willing to accept the call 


There is a difference in an inmate having a phone only account (set up with IC Solutions). An inmate may also have an Inmate Canteen Fund to buy items and make phone calls.  Please visit the Inmate Fund Account page for more information. Click here.

Please click here for more information on:

       • How to give an inmate a message  (also inmates have voicemail)

       • How to have your phone blocked and unblocked

       • Do’s and don'ts of the inmate telephone service

Questions or concerns of can be addressed to:
Gequetta G. Murray-Key at 434-977-6981 x226




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