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False Alarm Ordinance

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The Albemarle County Board of Supervisors have enacted changes to the False Alarm Ordinance.  Some of the major changes include registration and fees.  Registration is free, but will require two contact numbers.  Scheduled progressive increases to service fees for response to false alarms will start at $100.00 after the second false alarm in a 12 month period.  A procedural change not listed in the ordinance is enhanced call verification.  Enhanced call verification will include the alarm company attempting to contact the owner or their designee on their primary or secondary phone numbers prior to police dispatch.

The monitoring and administration of fees associated with the Albemarle County False Alarm Reduction program are managed by CryWolf (Public Safety Corp) located in Baltimore, Maryland.  You may use the direct link listed below to register your alarm or for additional information, please call (855)372-4755.

Effective May 10, 2012, the Albemarle County False Alarm Reduction program will begin charging a service fee for unregistered alarm systems in accordance with County Alarm Ordinance 11-12.  A direct link to the County Alarm Ordinance 11-12 is provided below.


County Alarm Ordinance 11-12(2)

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