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Police Officer Eligibility Requirements

Must be US citizen

Must be at least 21 years of age (prior to completion of the training academy)

Must either possess or obtain a Virginia driver's license by time of appointment

Must reside in Virginia (prior to the completion of the training academy)

Must have a minimum of a high school diploma or GED

Must pass an extensive background investigation, including a polygraph, drug screening, psychological assessment and medical exam

Must pass both a written and physical agility test



Automatic Employment Disqualifiers

Non-US citizenship

Felony conviction

Misdemeanor conviction of any crime involving sex offenses, domestic assault or crime of moral turpitude (e.g. petit larceny)

Conviction of DUI or DUI related offense within the last five years

Illegal use of any schedule I, II, III, or IV drug within the last five years

Illegal use of marijuana within the last two years


Potential Employment Disqualifiers
Evaluated on a case by case basis, an applicant may be eliminated from the process for any of the following:

Substance abuse (legal or illegal)

Poor credit history

Poor driving record

Commission of undetected crimes

Any behavior that brings discredit to the Albemarle County Police Department