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The Albemarle County Police department started a Bike Patrol Program in 1995.  The team currently has 11 members which includes two supervisors as team leaders. The team is committed to proactive policing in the urban sectors of the county. In 2005 and 2006 the team was awarded separate grants from the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.  The 2005 grant allowed the team to purchase and outfit seven new police bikes.   The 2006 grant provided funding for the team to ride and conduct safety awareness. The team has had continued support from the community which has been directly responsible for the purchase of 4 additional police bikes.
All officers on the team must successfully complete a demanding 40 hour certification course, including firearms qualifications. Officers must maintain the firearms qualification annually. 
Team Functions:
 -Foxfield Races
 -Bike Rodeo's for youth groups such as Cub Scouts and local churches.
 -Public Safety Seminars in Helmet Safety and Rules of the Road.
 -Operation Safe Holiday
 -Sports Events at the University of Virginia


Sergeant Wagner with UVA mascott 

bike team at Foxfield


Officer Coffin


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