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All bids and proposals are due in the Purchasing Office, 401 McIntire Road, Suite 248, Charlottesville, Virginia 22902 until, but no later than the time and date listed within the solicitation documents.  In the event that the County of Albemarle government offices are closed due to inclement weather and/or emergency situations at the time set aside for a pre-bid/pre-proposal meeting and/or the published bid opening or receipt of proposals, they will default to the next open business day at the same time.

Solicitations are provided online in PDF format for viewing and download.  Bidders/Offerors may click on the solicitation number to obtain a copy.  For questions on a specific solicitation, please call (434) 296-5854 and ask to speak with the buyer listed within the solicitation.

DISCLAIMER:  Information obtained on this website are provided solely as a convenience to potential bidders and offerors, and such bidders or offerors assume all risks associated with using this site.  Additionally, by downloading the solicitations contained herein you hereby agree not to alter the contents of the document in any way.  Electronic responses will not be accepted for IFBs and RFPs.  Further, by downloading the solicitation documents from this site, you agree that you are responsible for obtaining any addenda that may be issued thereafter.

The County of Albemarle encourages vendors to become a registered vendor for the County.  Registration can be accessed at http://bso.albemarle.org/bso/.  Vendors must be registered prior to the award of a contract and/or a purchase order being issued.

Open Procurements
Solicitation Name Term Contract for Accounting Consulting Services
Solicitation # RFP# 2020-11083-43 
Posting Date 10/9/2019 
Due Date 11/8/2019 3:00 PM 
Solicitation Name Chincoteague Bay Field Station
Solicitation # Sole Source Award 
Posting Date 10/3/2019 
Due Date 10/14/2019 3:00 PM 
Solicitation Name Heritage Tours
Solicitation # Sole Source 
Posting Date 9/25/2019 
Due Date 10/7/2019 3:00 PM 
Solicitation Name Crozet Addition Renovation and Site Improvements
Solicitation # RFP 2020-10233-35 
Posting Date 9/18/2019 
Due Date 10/23/2019 3:00 PM 
Addenda Addendum No. 1 Posted 10/4/2019 
Solicitation Name Professional Temporary Healthcare Staffing Services
Solicitation # RFP 2020-09263-20 
Posting Date 9/16/2019 
Due Date 9/26/2019 3:00 PM 
Addenda Addendum One- Posted 9/19/2019 
Solicitation Name Emergency Award-Richmond Restaurant
Solicitation # Emergency Award-Richmond Restaurant 
Posting Date 9/11/2019 
Due Date 9/11/2019 3:00 PM 
Solicitation Name Transcript Services
Solicitation # RFP 2020-10093-32 
Posting Date 9/10/2019 
Due Date 10/9/2019 3:00 PM 
Addenda Addendum One- Posted 9/25/2019 
Solicitation Name Emergency Award SRG, Inc.
Solicitation # Emergency Award SRG Inc 
Posting Date 9/10/2019 
Pre-Bid/Proposal Conference 9/10/2019 2:45 PM 
Due Date 9/20/2019 3:00 PM 
Solicitation Name Design Services - Courts Complex Addition and Renovations
Solicitation # RFP 2020-10163-30 
Posting Date 9/5/2019 
Pre-Bid/Proposal Conference 9/19/2019 1:00 PM - County Office Building, Room 235 
Due Date 10/16/2019 3:00 PM 
Addenda Addendum No. 1 Posted 9/26/2019
Addendum No. 2 Posted 10/9/2019 
Solicitation Name Inmate Communication Services
Solicitation # RFP 2020-10113-19 
Posting Date 9/3/2019 
Pre-Bid/Proposal Conference 9/17/2019 10:00 AM - 160 Peregory Lane, Charlottesville, VA 22902 
Due Date 10/25/2019 3:00 PM 
Addenda Addendum No. 1-Posted 9/19/2019
Addendum No. 2- Posted 10/7/2019 
Solicitation Name Mint Springs Valley Park Maintenance Facility
Solicitation # IFB 2020-09183-11 
Posting Date 8/27/2019 
Pre-Bid/Proposal Conference 9/4/2019 10:00 AM - 6659 Mint Springs Park Road, Crozet, Virginia 22932 
Due Date 9/18/2019 3:00 PM 
Addenda Addendum No. 1
Posted 9/5/2019 Addendum No. 2
Posted 9/13/2019 
Solicitation Name Motor Fuel
Solicitation # RFP# 2020-09183-17 
Posting Date 8/22/2019 
Pre-Bid/Proposal Conference 8/29/2019 10:00 AM - 401 McIntire Road Room 235 Charlottesville, VA 22902 
Due Date 9/18/2019 3:00 PM 
Addenda Addendum One-Posted 08/22/2019
Addendum Two-Posted 09/13/2019
Addendum Three-Posted 09/16/2019   
Solicitation Name COB 5th Street Ionization Project
Solicitation # RFQ 2020-08143-17 
Posting Date 7/24/2019 
Pre-Bid/Proposal Conference 8/1/2019 2:00 PM - COB 5th Street - Main Lobby 
Due Date 8/14/2019 3:00 PM 
Addenda Addendum No. 1 Posted 8/7/2019 
Solicitation Name Fire Alarm and Security Systems Inspections, Service, Parts, Installation and Monitoring
Solicitation # RFP 2020-08143-14 
Posting Date 7/18/2019 
Due Date 8/14/2019 3:00 PM 
Award Information Notice of Intent to Award- Posted 8/27/2019
Solicitation Name Minor Hill Bioretention
Solicitation # IFB 2019-06193-04 
Posting Date 5/31/2019 
Pre-Bid/Proposal Conference 6/5/2019 11:00 AM - Albemarle County Office Building 401 McIntire Road, Room 420 
Due Date 6/19/2019 3:00 PM 
Addenda Addendum One- Posted 6/7/2019 
Solicitation Name Chris Greene Lake Algal Bloom Assessment
Solicitation # RFP 2019-06183-104 
Posting Date 5/21/2019 
Due Date 6/18/2019 3:00 PM 
Addenda Addendum One- Posted 5/29/2019
Addendum Two- Posted 6/7/2019
Addendum Three- Posted 6/12/2019 
Award Information Notice of Intent to Award- Posted 8/23/2019
Solicitation Name Strategic Planning Facilitation
Solicitation # RFP# 2019-06063-107 
Posting Date 5/20/2019 
Due Date 6/6/2019 3:00 PM 
Addenda Addendum No. 1 Posted 5/31/2019 
Award Information Notice of Intent to Award Posted 10/11/2019
Solicitation Name Visitor Management Solution
Solicitation # RFP 2019-06103-105 
Posting Date 5/13/2019 
Due Date 6/10/2019 8:55 AM 
Addenda Addendum No. 1
Posted 5/16/2019

Addendum No. 2
Posted 5/17/2019

Addendum No. 3
Posted 6/3/2019

Addendum No. 4
Posted 6/5/2019 
Award Information  Notice of Intent to Award
Posted 8/7/2019
Solicitation Name Temporary Staffing Services
Solicitation # RFP 2019-06063-63 
Posting Date 5/9/2019 
Due Date 6/6/2019 3:00 PM 
Addenda Addendum One- Posted 5/31/2019 
Award Information Notice of Intent to Award- Posted 8/19/2019
Solicitation Name Web, Communications, and Engagement Solution
Solicitation # RFP 2019-05302-102 
Posting Date 5/3/2019 
Due Date 5/30/2019 2:00 PM 
Addenda Addendum No. 1 Posted 5/13/2019
Addendum No. 2 Posted 5/20/2019
Addendum No. 3 Posted 5/24/2019 
Award Information Notice of Intent to Award Posted 10/7/2019
Procurement information files are in Adobe Acrobat format. Get the free Adobe Reader here.

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