Strategic Plan

Albemarle County Strategic Plan
FY12/13 - FY 16/17

Thank you for your interest in the County’s strategic planning efforts.

The Albemarle County Board of Supervisors adopted a new vision statement and strategic plan at their May 2, 2012 meeting that sets the County’s priorities over the next five years. This plan includes seven goal statements accompanied by clear objectives that respond to community priorities. This helps ensure that County efforts are purposefully designed and focused to meet the present and future needs of the County. Specific actions, programs, capital purchases, staffing requirements, and funding levels are developed in response to the needs identified in the Strategic Plan. Critical decisions regarding resource allocation during the budget process are evaluated for consistency with and support of the identified strategic priorities.

A thriving County, anchored by a strong economy and excellent education system, that honors its rural heritage, scenic beauty and natural and historic resources while fostering attractive and vibrant communities.

To enhance the well-being and quality of life for all citizens through the provision of the highest level of public service consistent with the prudent use of public funds. 


  • Integrity: We value our customers and co-workers by always providing honest and fair treatment.
  • Innovation: We embrace creativity and positive change.
  • Stewardship: We honor our role as stewards of the public trust by managing our natural, human and financial resources respectfully and responsibly.
  • Learning: We encourage and support lifelong learning and personal and professional growth.


1. Provide excellent educational opportunities to all Albemarle County residents

a. Increase the availability and quality of pre-kindergarten learning opportunities and adult workforce development opportunities.
b. Improve coordination to support goals shared between the School Division’s Strategic Plan for K-12 Education and the County’s overall Strategic Plan.

2. Provide community facilities that meet existing and future needs

a. Improve the evaluation practices and procedures used to assess the community’s facility needs.
b. Increase the capacity of the Capital Program.
c. Identify and implement appropriate alternative construction project procurement methods (design/build, CM Agency, Job Order Contracting, PPEA, etc.) to reduce costs and improve project execution

3. Encourage a diverse and vibrant local economy

a. Complete all objectives of last two years of the Economic Vitality Action Plan.
b. Establish fully functioning economic development program for the County.
c. Assess and implement appropriate incentive options to support economic development in the County.

4. Protect the County’s parks and its natural, scenic and historic resources in accordance with the County’s established growth management policies

a. Work in conjunction with key stakeholders to protect the health of our local waterways and other critical natural resources.
b. Preserve and maintain the quality of the County’s investment in its parks and its recreational trail and greenway/blueway system.
c. Maintain and preserve County-owned historic resources and facilities and work in conjunction with key stakeholders to enhance awareness of the rich historic assets of this region.

5. Ensure the health and safety of the community

a. Work in conjunction with key community partners to establish multi-disciplinary teams to address specific public health and/or safety issues, emerging trends and or vulnerable groups.
b. Enhance the safety of the County by improving emergency response times and increasing prevention activities and services.

6. Promote individual responsibility and citizen ownership of community challenges

a. Increase County’s volunteer management capability
b. Increase opportunities for citizen self reliance and responsibility for addressing community issues

7. Promote a valued and responsive County workforce that ensures excellent customer service

a. Demonstrate improvements to internal and external customer service.
b. Reinforce a culture of using cross departmental efforts to improve communications and teamwork for cost effective solutions.      
c. Expand opportunities for training and professional development.     
d. Assure staff is supported and recognized for excellence in service.   

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