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stormwater management facility signSign your Facility ... for Free!

If you or your organization are responsible for maintaining a stormwater management facility, consider installing a sign.  A sign can:

  • educate neighbors, customers, or passers-by of the facility’s purpose and what to do and what not to do
  • decrease your maintenance costs and extend the life of the facility by reducing the amount of contributing pollutants

Furthermore, you get recognition for being a responsible steward of the environment!

The County will provide the signs, free of charge.  You just have to mount it on a fence or post.

The small text reads:

This facility helps to prevent stormwater pollutants from entering our local streams and, ultimately, the Chesapeake Bay.  Construction of this facility was required by the County of Albemarle to offset impacts from surfaces such as roads, parking lots, buildings, and lawns.  The responsible party must maintain this facility so that it can continue to function properly.  Activities within the area draining to this facility may impact its performance.  Work together with your neighbors and the County of Albemarle to help this facility protect our waters.

Request a sign: call 296-5816 x3424   OR   email Repp Glaettli