Water Resources Program  |  Illicit Discharges

On February 14, 2007, the Board of Supervisors passed an amendment to the Water Protection Ordinance that prohibits the discharging or dumping of non-stormwater pollutants into the storm drainage system or natural streams.  This amendment is part of a comprehensive effort to keep the area's streams healthy.  Non-stormwater pollutants can be a major source of pollutants in streams; examples include:

  • pet wastes
  • cleaning chemicals
  • food scraps or used cooking oil
  • trash and debris
  • vehicle fluids

Many people don't realize that storm drains and pipes are often directly connected to streams - and do not pass through a water treatment plant.restaurant cooking oil stain at storm drain

For more information about the illicit discharge ordinance, see the executive summary and adopted text amendments.

If you believe that a person or company is illegally dumping a pollutant into a storm drain system or stream channel, please go to the website of the Rivanna Regional Stormwater Education Partnership and click on "Report Water Pollution" in the left navigation bar or call 975-0224.