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Four Seasons Shoreline Improvements

Albemarle County just completed a project at a County-owned pond located on Four Seasons Drive to improve shoreline attractiveness, improve water quality, and control the growing population of resident geese.  The project includes the following elements:

  • constructing several block walls at the shoreline to facilitate continued public access
  • planting native vegetation along the shoreline and within the water
  • installing mulch
  • installing a temporary fence to restrict the movement of geese

Construction was completed on June 4, 2010.

Contractor: Waynesboro Nurseries
Cost: $24,445


 shoreline prior to project
 Four Seasons pond prior to project commencement

 construction of interlocking block wall
 construction of block wall

completed block wall
completed wall along southern shoreline (adjacent to Four Seasons Dr)

completed work along southern shoreline
completed work on southern shoreline

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