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Welcome to the Community Development Main Documents Center.  There are a number of various documents in the Main Documents Center that pertain to Community Development as a whole.  These documents are listed in PDF format in the middle right.  There are additional folders that can be accessed in the middle left.  These folders contain applications, checklists, and other forms relevant to the title of the folder. 



Questions regarding this information should be directed to the Department of Community Development. You may reach the Department by calling 434-296-5832 or by Emailing the Department

Documents are in PDF format and must be viewed with a PDF Reader; see link below to download a free plug-in. Please note that State and Federal forms are not posted on this Website.

Community Development Documents
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Adobe Acrobat PDF Albemarle County Land Use Chart.pdf
(1.03 MB)
Compressed Zip File Albemarle Information Sheet 2001
(1.72 MB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Citizen's Guide to Development Rights.pdf
(239 KB)
(329 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Electronic Plan Submission Guidelines.pdf
(124 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Fees for Building 11 01 15.pdf
(26 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Fees for Development 11 01 2015.pdf
(28 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF FOIA Access to Public Mtgs.pdf
(300 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF FOIA Electronic Communication Memo.pdf
(175 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF FOIA Freedom of Information Act Request Form.pdf
(295 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Fundamentals of Virginia Land Use Law.pdf
(70 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Inopearable Vehicles Compliance Handout.pdf
(163 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Land Use and Planning Glossary.pdf
(73 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Legislative and Administrative Processes.pdf
(60 KB)
(12 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Organizational Chart Current.pdf
(277 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Overview of Growth Management in Albemarle County.pdf
(1.69 MB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Planning and Zoning 101.pdf
(49 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Route 29 Advisory Panel.pdf
(77 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Route 29 info.pdf
(288 KB)
(583 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Urban Places Brochure.pdf
(712 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF WesternBypassMap.pdf
(9.63 MB)
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