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Welcome to the Albemarle County Site Plans Documents Center where you will find the development review applications that the County produces for the public. The documents found here are for site plans, and include site plan applications, checklists, submittal review schedule, conservation plan checklist, plant canopy calculations and an approved plant list.

NOTE: Some of these forms may be interactive. This means you can save the form to your computer fill it out at your office or home and print it out for submission. You will always be able to print them out and fill them out by hand as well.

NOTE: Some applications have a filing deadline as outlined in the Review Schedules found in the links below. These applications must be in the Community Development Office by 3:00 PM on the day specified.

Questions regarding this information should be directed to the Department of Community Development. You may reach the Department by calling 434-296-5832 or by Emailing the Department

Documents are in PDF format and must be viewed with a PDF Reader; see link below to download a free plug-in. Please note that State and Federal forms are not posted on this Website.

Community Development Documents
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Adobe Acrobat PDF Conservation Plan Checklist.pdf
(134 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Fees for Development 11 01 2015.pdf
(26 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Final Site Plan Application & Checklist.pdf
(179 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Initial Site Plan Application & Checklist.pdf
(201 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Letter of Revision Application.pdf
(47 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Minor or Major Site Plan Amendment Application.pdf
(53 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Personal Wireless Service Facility.pdf
(440 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Plant Canopy Calculations 02 05 03.pdf
(136 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Plant List Approved Species 04 21 03.pdf
(87 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Reinstatement of Denied Site Plan or Extension of Plan Validity.pdf
(44 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Review Schedule for Site Plan & Tier II Wireless Applications.pdf
(20 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Site Plan Amendment Policy.pdf
(140 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Site Plan Exception Application.pdf
(64 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Site Plan Preapplication Plan and Checklist.pdf
(106 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Site Plan Review Manual.pdf
(132 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Special Exception Application.pdf
(194 KB)
(134 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Timeline for Initial Site Plan Review.pdf
(183 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Zoning Inspections for Site Plans Info Packet.pdf
(104 KB)
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