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Welcome to the Information Technology File Storage and Documents Area. This area is primarily used for transfer of selected files between this department and outside customers or other specific and/or relevant parties.

Please right click a specific file name and choose "save target as" to save these files on your local hard drive; then locate the file(s) on your own computer and handle them locally for best performance.

SPECIAL NOTE FOR IMAGE FILES. Please note the file names carefully if you are trying to download County seals for specific purposes. Some formats (.tif, .eps, .psd) are not suitable for web use and others may not be suitable for print use (.gif, .jpg, .png).  Please contact IT directly if you have any questions.

Information Technology Documents Center
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County Logo BW tif format 900x900 300dpi.tif
(830 KB)
County Logo color gif format 900x900 Bit depth8.gif
(259 KB)
County Logo Color jpg format 900x900 300dpi.jpg
(1.46 MB)
County Logo color tif format 900x900 300dpi.tif
(3.97 MB)
County Logo color transp png format 900x900 Bit depth8.png
(330 KB)
County Logo EPS format.eps
(407 KB)
County Logo Recreated 900x900 300dpi.jpg
(1.46 MB)
County Logo Recreated 900x900 300dpi.tif
(3.97 MB)
County Logo Recreated.eps
(407 KB)
County Logo Single Color.eps
(865 KB)
County Logo Single Color.png
(17 KB)
(3.56 MB)
(4.17 MB)
(731 KB)
(13.43 MB)
(30.52 MB)
(12.91 MB)
(1.87 MB)
(12.91 MB)
(12.91 MB)
(12.91 MB)
(52.87 MB)
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