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Albemarle County warmly welcomes all economic development opportunities that can enhance our citizens’ prosperity and increase our community’s quality of life, and we work on a daily basis with companies across a broad spectrum of industries to attract capital investment and quality jobs.  Situated in the heart of the “best state for business”, Albemarle County is powered by the vision and passion of entrepreneurs, the strength of one of the nation’s top-ranked universities, and the talents of a labor pool of educated and motivated workers that provide our businesses with a significant competitive edge in today’s rapidly evolving innovation climate.

Based on our community’s unique assets – including strategic location, skilled and experienced workforce, intellectual firepower of the University of Virginia’s research and development engines, and creative entrepreneurial spirit – Albemarle has identified target markets for which we offer strong and compelling advantages.  Making valuable connections between businesses, community colleges and universities, workforce development groups, and other community resources is at the heart of our target markets strategy.

We have a variety of incentives available to encourage the start up, expansion and location of target market enterprises in our community including a priority review process, single point of contact through development review and approval, and an economic opportunity fund.  We work in conjunction with our state partners in the Virginia Economic Development Partnership and our regional allies in the Central Virginia Partnership for Economic Development to create the best possibility opportunities to support expansion of our target industry clusters.

The following industries serve as the core of our economic development efforts:

Albemarle County is at the heart of a vibrant and growing biotechnology community.   Together with our partners the City of Charlottesville and the University of Virginia, we are home to 20% of Virginia’s biotech industry,  and the prestigious Virginia Center for Innovative Technology’s GAP 50 awards recognized 16 entrepreneurs from our community as among the top 50 “most likely to build Virginia’s next generation life science, technology and energy companies.”   Read more...

Our business and professional services industry cluster is thriving due to our community’s well suited attributes including excellent power reliability, fiber optic availability, low utility costs, a temperate climate, educational institutions with pertinent degrees and specialized training programs and attractive location options.   We have a solid base of long term, successful companies with recognizable names like State Farm, Stellar One Corporation, and Coventry Health Care Insurance complemented by exciting new enterprises that focus on portfolio management, payroll services, and computer facilities management among other services.   Read more...

The presence of the National Ground Intelligence Center and the Defense Intelligence Agency anchor a robust defense sector in our community that also features leading names like Northrup Grumman, Booz Allen Hamilton, CACI, NIITEK and Batelle. Rivanna Station, which houses NGIC and DIA, has grown into a campus of  over 1500 personnel and support contractors.  We have a skilled and experienced workforce that can meet the specialized requirements of this sector along with highly respected educational partners at the University of Virginia and Piedmont Virginia Community College who stand ready to develop curriculum and focused training modules to hone necessary skills. Read more...

Albemarle County is home to a thriving local food and beverage production industry that is bolstered by the rich agricultural heritage of our area.   Our agribusinesses are strategic and innovative in balancing sustainability considerations with proven good business and stewardship techniques, and a strong community of peer growers and producers provides collegial learning and mentoring opportunities.  Our agribusinesses range across the spectrum from more traditional beef, poultry and pork products to emerging specialties like artisanal cheese, hummus, salsas and chocolatiers.  We have seen tremendous growth in our farm wineries, which now numbers close to 30, as well as in breweries, cideries and distilleries.  Read more...

Albemarle At-A-Glance

Population: 105,051 (2015 estimate)
6.1% increase in population since 2010

Area: 726 square miles
2016 Real Estate Tax Rate:
$0.839 per $100
2016 Personal Property Tax
$4.28 per $100
Unemployment Rate: 3.3%
Average Annual Income: $51,480
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