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Board of Supervisors Fiscal Year 2021 Budget Process Update


Board of Supervisors Fiscal Year 2021 Budget Process Update
Public Hearing on Calendar Year 2020 Tax Rate
The Board of Supervisors is scheduled to hold two public hearings on Monday, April 13, 2020, beginning at 6 pm online, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The County Executive has recommended that the Board of Supervisors postpone the Public Hearing on the Fiscal Year 2021 Proposed Budget until May 6, but proceed with the Public Hearing on the Calendar Year 2020 Tax Rate. Read on to learn more about the Fiscal Year 2021 Budget process.
Information about how to view and participate in this meeting is below.
Why is the Board of Supervisors moving forward with the Fiscal Year 2021 Budget process during this local emergency?
Code requirements and legal deadlines drive much of the annual budget process timeline. While the present circumstances are unprecedented, Albemarle County remains steadfast in our commitment to deliver essential services, including public education, public safety, and health and human services. Key aspects of the budget process must proceed so that we meet our mandates and remain in a position to operate effectively, during and after this crisis.
Calendar Year 2020 Tax Rate Public Hearing
State Code requires that the Board of Supervisors set a real property tax rate each calendar year. That tax rate is used to generate the real property tax bill that is collected twice annually, on June 5 and on December 5. In order for Albemarle County to meet this mandate for the June bill, the Board of Supervisors must hold a public hearing and adopt a tax rate for the current calendar year. Due to legal deadlines and our vendor’s processing time, it was determined to move forward with the original April 13 public hearings.
Fiscal Year 20201 Budget Public Hearing
This public hearing was advertised as originally scheduled due to legal and printing deadlines, before the impact that COVID-19 would have on our community was understood. The County Executive has recommended the Board of Supervisors postpone this public hearing and reschedule it for May 6, 2020.
How will COVID-19 impact the Fiscal Year 2021 Budget?
Albemarle County, as well as every other local government in the nation, is working tirelessly to revise revenue projections in the wake of COVID-19. The severity and duration of the impact on our local economy is not known, but staff continue to refine the budget as more data becomes available. A process that runs 6-9 months is now being revised in just a few weeks.
To ensure the School Division has time to do its work to ensure a smooth start to the 2020-2021 School Year, the County Executive has proposed shifting the adoption of the FY21 Budget to May 14, but no later. A new recommended budget will be developed to respond to the most recent revenue projections. This document will be available on April 22 at
What will be in the revised recommended FY21 Budget?
Staff are working to craft a new budget proposal that maintains essential services, embeds flexibility that allows Albemarle County to be nimble in responding to the community’s needs, and responsibly balances expenditures. Before COVID-19, engagement for the proposed FY21 budget was well-underway. The Board and staff will use the feedback received through that process to inform the revised recommended FY21 budget. We look forward to sharing more on April 22 when this document is published at
What is the real property tax rate proposed by the Board of Supervisors for Calendar Year 2020?
The Board of Supervisors advertised a tax rate for Calendar Year 2020 not to exceed $0.854 per $100 of assessed value, which is the same tax rate as 2019.
How can the public participate in the April 13 Virtual Meeting of the Board of Supervisors?
·       eComment Make a public comment online using the eComment feature on the agenda website ( Learn more about this feature here. eComments can be submitted now and through the end of the Board meeting.
·       Livestream (view only) the meeting using our web-based video stream. The link is live when the meeting commences ( Note this livestream is view-only.
·       Livestream with live comment to participate in the meeting's Public Hearing, by attending the meeting through Zoom, via web or telephone. Speakers are encouraged to sign-up in advance of the meeting.
·       Follow along on Twitter - did you know we Live Tweet actions during Board of Supervisors meetings? Follow us on Twitter @AlbemarleCounty.
Thank you for your patience
as we implement a new technology for the Virtual Board meeting.

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