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Six Year Secondary Road Plan Priority List- 2004-2010




Worksession on the Six Year Secondary Road Plan for 2004-2010 and  County’s Priority List for Road Improvements




Cilimberg, Benish, Wade


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January 7, 2004


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The Planning Commission reviewed the County’s Six Year Road Priority List and VDOT Six Year Construction Plan at their November 11, 2003 and December 9, 2003 meetings and unanimously recommended approval of the attached Six Year Secondary Road Priority List for 2004-2010.

(Attachments I & II)



3.1 Make the County a Safe and Healthy Community in which citizens feel secure to live, work and play.


3.3 Develop and implement policies that address the County’s growth and urbanization while continuing to enhance the factors that contribute to the quality of life in the County.



As part of its review of the County’s Priority List and VDOT Construction Plan, the Planning Commission discussed whether paving a road makes the road safer. (Attachment III – Staff Report and Attachment IV Executive Summary for Second Worksession). Staff has utilized the Transportation Research Center at the University of Virginia to research this question. Based on a study entitled, Accident Relationships of Roadway Width on Low Volume Roads, conducted by the University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center, there is no significant difference in safety on low volume paved or unpaved roads. Specifically, the study concluded; “Accident experience does not appear to be significantly different for unpaved versus paved roadway surfaces at traffic volumes of 250 vpd (vehicle per day) or less. At traffic volumes greater than this, accident rates are significantly greater for unpaved roadways than for paved roadways, all else being equal. Therefore, paving of rural roads with traffic volumes of 250 or more vpd will generally improve their safety. Accident rates increase on unpaved roads as width increases up to 30 feet, perhaps because of higher vehicle speeds on wider unpaved roads.”  The full study is available for review upon request.


This information was presented to the Planning Commission for information purposes only. Staff will use this intervening period between this and the next Six Year Secondary Plan review to continue to review data on this issue to determine if there is merit to modifying County policies involving the paving of unpaved roads.


Staff also gave the Planning Commission an update on the Reservoir Road (Rt. 702) project. Reservoir Road has been on the County’s Priority List as a paving project for many years. Due to the length of this road and its geometrics, it would be infeasible to pave the entire length of Reservoir Road. The Planning Commission supported staff and VDOT’s recommendation to change the Reservoir Road project from a paving project to a spot improvement project.  As a spot improvement, staff and VDOT recommends these improvements to include paving a portion of Reservoir Road and spot improvements at the most serious locations (blind curves, poor drainage). These locations have not been identified at this point. VDOT anticipates they will have these locations identified in the Spring, 2004. The revised County Six Year Secondary Road Priority List 2004-2010 (Attachment I) has removed this project as a paving project and replaced it as a spot improvement (proposed priority #48).


Staff also provided the Panning Commission information on Proffit Road and the estimated cost of all projects on the County’s Priority List. This information can be found on Attachment IV.


Finally, the Planning Commission expressed a desire to utilized Secondary Road Funds to construct sidewalk projects independent of road construction where they provide for important and necessary pedestrian movement and cannot be funded through other sources.



Staff and the Planning Commission recommends approval of the County Six Year Secondary Road Priority List 2004-2010 (Attachment I), and the VDOT Draft Six Year Secondary Construction Program 2004-2010 (Attachment II). Staff recommends the Board schedule a public hearing on each, inclusive of its recommendation to pave part Reservoir Road and conduct spot improvements at the most serious locations.





Attachment I   County Draft Six Year Secondary Road Priority List 2004-2010     

Attachment II  VDOT Draft Six Year Secondary Construction Program 2004-2010

Attachment III Staff Report –Planning Commission, November 11, 2003 Worksession

Attachment IV Executive Summary for Planning Commission December 9, 2003 Worksession

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