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Albemarle County Compensation Report




Request approval of proposed recommendations to address market competitiveness of identified positions that are recruited for on a regional/national level.





Tucker, White, Suyes, Gerome


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March 11, 2004


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At the June 26, 2003 Joint Board meeting, the Joint Boards supported staff’s recommendation to “collect and analyze data over the summer, along with the annual salary review and bring a recommendation on the appropriate methodology for determining market competitiveness back to the Boards.”   Several recent issues have emphasized the difficulties of attracting and retaining a highly qualified workforce.  These difficulties include:


·                           Recent recruitments have resulted in a very small pool of candidates for many positions;

·                           Top candidates have declined offers;

·                           The high cost of living in Albemarle is apparent to candidates; 

·                           A growing percentage of our workforce is eligible for retirement.


At the November 6, 2003 Joint Board meeting, staff was directed to:


1) Consider different markets for different positions 

2) Consider cost of living 


This report addresses those issues, presents the options that were evaluated and provides recommendations.




As competitive salaries are critical for Albemarle County to attract and retain high performing employees, staff has evaluated alternatives and is presenting recommendations in response to the Board’s direction to address these issues.  This report outlines the analysis of those options to include:


·         Market/Market Positioning-Staff evaluated a variety of methodologies to include: peer-ranking, setting a different target of our adopted market, and selecting a peer group of localities from our adopted market based on similar size, cost of living and student enrollment.

·         Implementation methodologies-Staff reviewed several options to implement the desired market target to include creating a separate administrator/management scale, expanding the range spread of our current scale and adding paygrades to current classified/administrative salary.




These recommendations are presented to the Boards for their consideration.  It is noted that all final funding is subject to, and based upon, available revenue.   Implementation strategies are being developed within allocations available within each respective budget.


1.       For positions that are recruited on a regional/national level, identify competitive market as the identified localities within our adopted market that we typically recruit against for those positions.  This subset of our adopted market should address cost of living issues and target competitive market position.  Further evaluation of our ability to attract and retain highly qualified candidates will be ongoing.

2.       Maintain current salary structure and increase the span of our scale.

3.       Waive policy to allow reclassification increases to be phased in over a two year period.


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