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Health/Dental Insurance Contract 2004-2005





Request approval of the proposed 2004-2005 health and dental contracts, coverage and proposed rate structure.





Tucker, White, Suyes, Gerome


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March 11, 2004


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Attached is a memo from the Health Care Executive Committee (HCEC) to the County Executive and Superintendent, which outlines the current year’s process and recommendations for Health and Dental Insurance.  Our claims experience and the changes in the market place continue to be the major factors in developing these committee recommendations. 




The County's Health Care Executive Committee has worked with Tom MacKay, Palmer & Cay consultant, to develop recommendations for the 2004-2005 medical and dental programs effective October 1, 2004.


The committee is recommending continuing with the Southern Health three Point-of-Service Plans to address the rising trend in health claim costs.  All three plans have the same benefit coverage, although the premiums, co-pays and deductibles are different.  The report updates information on the reserve balances and provides attached charts that outline the different plans and proposed rate structures.  The report proposes a decrease in the Board’s annual contribution over what was budgeted for  the FY04-05 medical plan, from $5,345 to $5,232 and maintains the budgeted annual amount  of  $180 for FY04-05  dental plan.


The committee is recommending continuing the Delta Dental as a fully insured plan with two options for coverage.




Approve the HealthCare Executive Committee recommendations noted in the attached report.


Medical:  Continue the medical care contract for 2004-2005 with Southern Health.  The recommended budgeted Board contribution for health coverage is $5,232 for the 2004-2005 plan year.    The plan options and premiums are indicated in the attachments.


Dental: Continue the dental contract for 2004-2005 with Delta Dental of Virginia.  The Board contribution for the dental plan for 2004-2005 is budgeted at $180 annually for full-time employees.



View memo from Health Care Executive Committee

    View Attachment:   A – Proposed Medical Plan Design for 2004-2005 

    View Attachment B – Proposed Employee Premiums for Medical and Dental Plans for 2004-2005

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