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Six Year Secondary Road Plan Priority List- 2004-2010




Worksession on the Six Year Secondary Road Plan for 2004-2010 and  County’s Priority List for Road Improvements





Messrs. Tucker, Foley, Cilimberg, Benish, Wade


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March 17, 2004


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The Board of Supervisors held a worksession on the Six Year Secondary Road Plan Priority List- 2004-2010 on March 3, 2004 and requested staff to gather additional information regarding the Heards Mountain Road (Rt. 633) project and to create two separate priority lists for rural rustic roads and regular paving projects. The Board of Supervisors also requested staff to determine the rationale for ranking paving projects and determining their cost.




3.1 Make the County a Safe and Healthy Community in which citizens feel secure to live, work and play.


3.3 Develop and implement policies that address the County’s growth and urbanization while continuing to enhance the factors that contribute to the quality of life in the County.




Staff separated all of the unpaved road projects into two lists. One list has prioritized all of the projects that VDOT preliminarily determined qualify for the rural rustic roads program. The second list prioritized the remaining unpaved road requests using VDOT standard paving guidelines.  It is likely that some projects will move from one list to the other as VDOT does more detail analysis of the projects closer to construction.


An estimated advertisement date for some projects will be identified by VDOT when the Board of Supervisors adopts a Priority List.


VDOT had previously established the regular paving cost for some projects. The rural rustic road costs are based on a unit cost of $100,000 per mile. The cost for regular or rural rustic road paving could increase or decrease when the project is further analyzed closer to construction. Staff also gave a description of the projects and why it is prioritized in its position.  While several criteria are used to evaluate unpaved roads (including the physical condition of the road, emergency agency/school identified need, development area vs. rural area location), because of the relative similarity in road conditions and rural area location for unpaved road projects, the criteria which has the greatest influence in the priority of the projects is traffic volumes.   During this review, staff discovered that Beam Road (Rt. 769) from Rt. 1484 to the dead end was mistakenly identified as the next unpaved road project and allocated funds. The project that should have been identified was Rocky Hollow Road, which is also Rt. 769.  It is the 1.4 mile eastern end of the road which has a much higher daily traffic volume. Both projects are now prioritized in the correct position.


Heards Mountain Road (Rt. 633):

VDOT will be recommending to the Nelson County Board of Supervisors in the next few months to pave Rt. 633 in Nelson County as a rural rustic road. If approved by the Nelson County Board of Supervisors, the road will not likely get paved until 2006.   Based on this information, staff is recommending that no funding be allocated to this project, but its priority remain the same until a construction date is set for the Nelson County portion.  VDOT has informed staff that the section in Albemarle from the Nelson County line to the Village of Heards can be done utilizing the rural rustic road standards.


Staff will remove from consideration the section of Rt. 633 from the Village of Heards to the portion of Rt. 633 currently paved (towards Rt. 29). This section has steep terrain and would be very costly to pave. Since this section was previously added by staff to meet a VDOT requirement for road paving, a public request to pave the road will be addressed.


Staff will continue to work with VDOT and Nelson County on this project and revisit it with the Board of Supervisors during next year’s review of the Six Year Secondary Priority List.


Rural Rustic Roads Projects:

The Board of Supervisors discussed the possibility of having two rural rustic road pilot projects this year: a small scale project and a larger scale project.  Staff reviewed this request with VDOT and was informed that this would be possible, provided VDOT could work out related construction contract issues in time. The contract negotiations for rural rustic road improvements are different from regular road improvements and regular paving projects. It will take some time for the Residency to get the contract process in order (hopefully within the next two or three months).  If this can be done in time, the County will be able to complete two pilot projects this calendar year.


VDOT and staff were unable to identify a viable small scale project to pilot the rural rustic road program that could be done this year; therefore, staff is only recommending a large scale project. Gilbert Station Road between Rt. 784 and Rt. 20 is recommended as the pilot project, which is a higher daily traffic volume road.  Although Gilbert Station Road is not the next project on the Priority List, staff has taken into consideration the significant history presented on this road.   Furthermore, staff could not identify any major safety issues with the projects ranked above Gilbert Station Road that would necessitate that they be constructed prior to Gilbert Station Road.   VDOT will be able to pave Rt. 640 between Rt. 20 and Rt. 784 this year using rural rustic road standards (if contract issues can be worked out).  Some portions of the remaining section of Rt. 640 could be done using rural rustic road standards, but there are some parts of the road that have major safety issues that would not allow it to qualify for rural rustic roads standards. VDOT and staff will continue to evaluate construction possibilities for the remaining sections.




Staff recommends the Board of Supervisors approve the Six Year Secondary Road Priority List with separate priority ranking for rural rustic road paving and regular paving.  Staff also recommends the Board endorse Gilbert Station Road as the pilot project for the rural rustic road program. 


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