July 2, 2004





Nicholas Michaels

Weatherhill Homes

315 Old Ivy Way

Charlottesville, VA  22903


RE:  ZMA-2004-002 Fontaine Avenue Townhomes (Sign #80); Tax Map 76, Parcels 12A and 12G


Dear Mr. Michaels:


The Albemarle County Planning Commission, at its meeting on June 29, 2004, by a vote of 5:2,  recommended approval of the above-noted petition to the Board of Supervisors.  Please note that this approval is subject to the following conditions exclusive of the waiver requests for critical slopes and stormwater:


  1. The approval is subject to the attached proffers.
  2. The pedestrian connection must be approved by the Planning Commission prior to approval of the final site plan.  If a pedestrian connection is not provided along Fontaine Avenue, the applicant must justify why the connection must be located where it is proposed.


Please be advised that the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors will review this petition and receive public comment at their meeting on July 14, 2004.   Any new or additional information regarding your application must be submitted to the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors at least seven days prior to your scheduled hearing date.


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If you should have any questions or comments regarding the above noted action, please do not hesitate to contact me (434) 296-5823.






Margaret Doherty

Senior Planner




Cc:       Ella Carey                                                        

Amelia McCulley

            Jack Kelsey                                                     

Steve Allshouse

            Jefferson Lodge LLC