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Tucker, Foley, Stumbaugh, Lilley


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September 1, 2004


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Moseley Architects was engaged to assist the Long Range Space Planning Committee (LRSPC) in evaluating the long-term space needs at COB - McIntire and to create a Master Plan for the facility.  A ten-year planning horizon was established and an emphasis was placed on physical and functional consolidation of the Community Development Department.


Several options for long-term space distribution were developed by the architect and are still under consideration by the LRSPC.  In all options, the first phase is to locate the Community Development Department in the North Wing of the building, with a separate ground floor entrance for central intake.  This arrangement takes advantage of space being vacated by the Police Department, and maintains the general location of both Planning and Engineering.  Also, the North Wing is the right size to accommodate the 10-year needs for Community Development.  The LRSPC directed the architect to prepare plans to renovate the North Wing for Community Development, with the intention of doing as much of that work as possible within the allotted budget as soon after the space is vacated as possible.  The architect estimates that the amount of funds available for phase I will provide for complete renovation of the first floor of the North Wing.


Deciding on the location of Community Development is but one step in completing the facility master plan.  Further progress hinges upon the long term disposition of the current board room (room 241) and Lane Auditorium.




The current regular Board Meeting Room (241) seats 60 and offers less than an optimum Board-Audience arrangement.  Sight lines are poor, chairs are old, audio-visual capabilities are limited, and the dais is outdated.  An architect was previously engaged to explore reconfiguration opportunities, but no suitable long term plan was uncovered.  In the end, the space is too confined to make meaningful improvement. 


The present seating capacity of Lane Auditorium is 583 (including the balcony).  It is used frequently for productions, classes, and functions.  It is also used for heavily attended BOS, Planning Commission, and School Board meetings.  The furniture and accessories are aged and in need of renovation.


Moseley Architects was asked to develop alternatives that use the auditorium as the regular Board Meeting Room, along with a break room and related space, while also providing a reasonable level of larger-audience auditorium space.  Alternatives to address these needs are attached and will be reviewed with the Board on September 1st.


Previous BOS discussions on the subject of changing Lane Auditorium have indicated an interest in maintaining the space for both community meeting needs and to maintain the cultural significance of Lane High School.  Prior to moving forward with the development of a master plan for the County Office Building, staff would like the Board’s input on potential renovation of Lane Auditorium.  Alternatives developed by the architects will attempt to create a meeting space that can comfortably address both regular Board meetings and meetings that can accommodate a larger audience when needed.  Based on input from the Board regarding these alternatives, staff will be able to develop more specific master plan alternatives for use of the remainder of the building. 



This information is provided for BOS discussion and input regarding potential modification of Lane Auditorium to serve as both an auditorium and a Board Room. 


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