Update of the Community Facilities Plan.




Public Hearing on  the proposed update of the Community Facilities Plan, including the Overall Facility Objectives and sections on Police, Fire/Rescue, Schools, and Libraries.





Messrs. Cilimberg, Benish

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September 1, 2004


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The Community Facilities Plan is a component of the Comprehensive Plan and has not been updated since its original adoption in 1993.  This draft of the revised Plan (Attachment A) includes updated sections for Schools, Libraries, Police, and Fire/Rescue facilities.  Sections of the Plan related to Solid Waste, Administrative Offices, and Parks and Recreation will be updated once studies related to each section are completed.  


The Libraries, Police, and Fire/Rescue sections were unanimously recommended for approval by the Planning Commission on May 18, 2004 and the Schools section was unanimously recommended for approval on June 15, 2004.  The School Board also reviewed the Schools section on June 10 and unanimously recommended approval.




The Board held a work session on the draft Plan on August 4, 2004, and suggested several changes, including a new Overall Facility Objective related to potential development of mixed use sites/facilities (p. 5).  Another new addition is a reference to the use of innovation “technologies and services” to make library services available to residents (p. 18 and p. 20).  The remaining changes identified by the Board were related to clarifying wording within the draft.  Staff has made the changes suggested by the Board and those revisions are noted in bold and italic type. 


There is a recent change to note to the Fire and Rescue section of the Plan.  Based on the continued analysis of service needs and standards, the Chief of Fire/Rescue and Planning Staff now recommend that the response time standards for fire and rescue service not be amended at this time until further assessments can be completed. The analysis/process for the setting of the service standards involves a risk assessment followed by an assessment of response times and resources required to mitigate the risk.  Although some of the process has been completed, more work still needs to be done to be entirely comfortable with any revised standard.  Therefore, these two Service Objectives (1 and 2 on p. 14) have been revised to reflect the existing standards in the adopted Plan.  Any further revision to these standards can be brought back for review and adoption with the Solid Waste, Administrative Offices and Parks and Recreation sections of the Plan later this year.




Staff recommends approval of the proposed Community Facilities Plan.


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