CPA 03-06 Rural Areas Comprehensive Plan Work Session



CPA 03-06  Rural Areas Comprehensive Plan

Work Session




Tucker, Foley, Davis, Kamptner, Cilimberg, Benish, McDowell





September 1, 2004


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The Planning Commission recommended for approval the draft Rural Areas element to the Comprehensive Plan to the Board of Supervisors on August 10, 2004 (Attachment A).


The planning for the long-range policies contained in the draft Rural Areas element of the Comprehensive Plan has evolved over many years.  Contributions from individuals and organizations were invaluable in the development of the Plan.


         Agricultural/Forestal Industries Support Committee - Their 1994 report included a goal to "Promote the continuation of a viable agricultural and forestal industry and resource base." The report also included specific objectives and strategies that were incorporated in the draft Plan.  A copy of the report is attached for reference (Attachment B);

         Public meetings - At the request of the Planning Commission, four meetings were held in the Rural Areas to provide citizens an opportunity to present their visions, requests, and concerns about the draft Plan.  A synopsis of the citizen survey results is attached for reference (Attachment D);

         The Planning Commission, over several meetings, developed the Guiding Principles for the Rural Areas.  These Principles reflect the earlier Agricultural/Forestal Industries Support Committee report, the vision, comments, and concerns of the citizens and ultimately acted as a guide for developing the policies and strategies contained in the draft Plan.

         The Planning Commission held many work sessions over the course of three years, one public input session, and one public hearing that led to their recommendation of the draft Rural Areas element of the Comprehensive Plan.



Strategic Direction 2:  Protect the County's Natural, Scenic and Historic Resources

Goal 2.1: Protect and/or preserve the County's rural character



The purpose of the work session on September 1 is to allow the Board to decide on a process for the review of the proposed Rural Areas Comprehensive Plan Amendment.  It is desirable to have these work sessions conducted on a regular monthly schedule until their completion.


Staff believes that the process that will best enable the Board to review and address the proposed Plan's key issues  is as follows:


      I.    Work Session #1 (September 1)


1.  Discuss the process and timeline; finalize the list of key issues set forth in the Comprehensive Plan for discussion at subsequent work sessions;


2.  Review and discuss the trends in the Rural Areas, some of which are set forth in the Introduction of the Comprehensive Plan, and all of which will be included in a Power Point presentation.


3.   Listen to a brief presentation regarding the evolution of the Rural Areas element of the Comprehensive Plan (Attachment C);


      II.    Work Session #2


            1.  General overview of the draft Plan (Attachment A);


   2.  Discuss the key issues

    Guiding Principles

    Funding priority for easements

    Agricultural support



      III.      Work Session #3


                           Continue discussion of the key issues

    Central water/sewer

    Rural Preservation Developments

    Crossroads Communities

    Additional Uses

    Land Use Tax

    Implementation priorities ( per objectives and strategies of the Strategic Plan)


      IV.     Public Hearing (Auditorium)


       V.     Work Session to provide direction to staff


      VI.     Final Action


It is anticipated that the review process will require a minimum of three work sessions, one pubic hearing, and one additional work session to provide direction to staff regarding any changes necessary for adoption of the Plan.



Staff recommends that the Board review the proposed process and schedule and begin the review process for the Rural Areas element of the Comprehensive Plan.




A          Rural Areas Element of the Comprehensive Plan

            Table of Contents

            Rural Areas Comprehensive Plan

            Maps     A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I

            Appendices:      Crossroads Communities

                                    RA White Paper Cover Memo

                                    Technology Choices for Water & Wastewater

                                    Albemarle County RA Watershed Services

B          Agricultural/Forestal Industries Support Committee Report

C          April 2, 2003 Executive Summary (Joint Work Session Direction to Staff)

D          RA Public Input Summary

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