Sun Ridge Road Improvement Project (RIP 99-001)




Progress Report on Phase I and Description of Proposed Phase II





Messrs. Tucker, Foley, Stumbaugh, Muhlberger


AGENDA DATE:              

September 1, 2004


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The Sun Ridge Road Improvement Project consists of resurfacing of rough roadway and installation of several culvert pipes to convey stormwater runoff.  The roadway upgrades are necessary to allow this privately maintained public road to be included in the State system.  At the projectís 1999 inception, staff valued Phase I at $25,000, but due to a variety of reasons including additional scope and construction cost inflation, an additional $50,000 was approved by the BOS at its July 7, 2004 meeting.  Staff then attempted to procure contractor services, however, the lone bid was valued at 115% of funds granted for this project ($86,000).  Staff attributes the lofty bid to a low supply of available local contractors.


At the July meeting, two owners of three undeveloped lots located beyond the existing terminus of Sun Ridge Road reiterated their 1999 request to extend the proposed Phase I project by an additional 300ft to allow for property road frontage.   According to County Circuit Court Clerk records, a public right-of-way does exist allowing for possible roadway extension.  This additional roadway project is known as Phase II.




At the Boardís August 4, 2004 meeting, Supervisor Bowerman noted that additional funding may be requested for this project.  This item has been placed on the agenda for the Boardís discussion regarding additional funding for Phase I and for consideration of additional funding to complete Phase II, based on feasibility assessment done by staff.  Staff currently estimates that the cost of construction for Phase II would be $75,000.   If a change is to be made for this project, staff believes procurement of Phases I and II together in the fall will yield a greater economy of scale and more competitive bids.




Staff requests that the Board of Supervisors provide direction regarding the possible addition of Phase II to this project.  If Phase II is approved, a total project of $150,000 will need to be approved by the Board.  If Phase II is not added to the project, staff requests approval of an additional $11,000 to complete the previously approved Phase I project.  Based on the Boardís decision, staff will provide the appropriate approval forms on the consent agenda at the next meeting.  Staff would note alternative funding options were previously provided to the Board as shown in the executive summary attachment dated July 7, 2004.



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