WHEREAS,     the Comprehensive Plan gives highest priority to agriculture and forestry as a land use in the Rural Area; and


WHEREAS,     the citizens of Albemarle County in the 2002 Albemarle County Planning Survey rated “preserving natural resources and open space” and “preserving farmland and forested land” as the sixth and seventh most important goals out of a series of twenty goals for the strategic plan; and


WHEREAS,     Albemarle County is among the top counties in Virginia for the market value of agricultural products sold; and


WHEREAS,     it is the land resource which provides the true value of agriculture and forestry to this community, with related benefits of open space for cleaner air, watershed protection, and wildlife habitat, scenic, rural and historic landscapes which encourage tourism; and quality of life for all residents; and


WHEREAS,     maintaining agriculture and forestry also enables the County to grow at a measured and deliberate pace, and to better plan for services; and


WHEREAS,     the loss of the agricultural and forestall resource base would permanently damage the County’s economic base and natural environment; and


WHEREAS,     the Agricultural and Forestall Industries Support Committee recommended that educational programs be developed for the public, such as:


·         improving both the County officials’ and the general public’s understanding of agriculture;

·         promoting appreciation of the rural area by the community, and emphasizing the importance of agricultural and forestall lands to them;

·         supporting agricultural education in the classroom, and implementing a farm day for school children; and

·         implementing an educational tour of County farms for the general public, County officials and decision-making staff; and


WHEREAS,     the future of agriculture and forestry in Albemarle County depends on the actions of the farm and forest owners, but also on the support of elected officials and other citizens;


NOW, THEREFORE, I, Lindsay G. Dorrier, Jr., Chairman, on behalf of the Albemarle Board of County Supervisors, do hereby proclaim


October 16, 2004 as:




                                and commend the Albemarle Farm Bureau and the Piedmont Environmental Council for helping to educate the citizens about the importance of farming to our community through sponsorship of six farm tours.


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