(Family Sexuality Education Month)




WHEREAS,             our culture conveys many conflicting and confusing messages about sexuality; and


WHEREAS,             a parent can and should be their child’s primary sexuality educator; and


WHEREAS,             many local resources exist to assist parents in this endeavor; and


WHEREAS,             only parents, not peers, teachers, or the media, can convey the family’s values messages regarding sexuality; and


WHEREAS,             children of all ages, including adolescents, cite their parents as primary influences and want more information about love, relationships, and values from their parents; and


WHEREAS,             research informs us that candid family discussion about sexuality will not encourage early sexual activity, but, in fact, may help adolescents postpone sexual activity;


NOW, THEREFORE, I, Lindsay G. Dorrier, Jr., Chairman on behalf of the Albemarle Board of County Supervisors, do hereby recognize October, 2004 as Family Sexuality Education or “Let's Talk Month” in Albemarle County, Virginia, and call its importance to the attention of all of its citizens.



                                    Signed and sealed this 6th day of October, 2004.


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