Albemarle County’s Priorities for Primary Road System Improvements



Review and approval of the priority improvements to the primary road system. 



Messrs. Tucker, Foley, Graham, Cilimberg, Benish, Wade





October 6, 2004


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Albemarle County has the opportunity to provide VDOT with the County’s priorities for improvements to the primary road system in the County.  Primary roads are those roads with route numbers below 600, including interstate highways (Routes 6, 20, 22, 29, 231, 240, 250 and I-64).   The County has maintained a priority list of improvements for a number years, and uses this list as the basis for each year’s update. The deadline for written comments is October 9, 2004.  A teleconference hearing originating from the VDOT Central Office in Richmond with the Culpeper, Fredericksburg, and Lynchburg Districts is scheduled for September 29, 2004. Unfortunately, due to the timing of the notification for this meeting, staff was unable to schedule the Board’s review and update of the priority list in time to allow for it to be presented at this teleconference.




3.1 Make the County a Safe and Healthy Community in which citizens feel secure to live, work and play.




Staff has made revisions to last year’s statement (Attachment A). The revisions focus on incorporating the recommendations of the recently adopted CHART Plan.  The proposed deletions are identified with a strikethrough and additions are in italics. The major proposed changes include:


Route 29 North- The status of the projects listed in this section has been updated, including references to the 29H250 Study, Hillsdale Drive, and Airport Road, and a new project added, Berkmar Drive Extended, which is a recommended improvement identified in CHART.

Northern Free State Road (formerly Meadow Creek Parkway Phase II) – The explanation of the study has been revised to state that the County is planning to study the concept of this road as part of a larger transportation network study for the County’s Northern Development Areas from the Charlottesville city limits to the Greene County line. The transportation component of the Northern Development Areas Study includes Phase III of the 29H250 Study.

Update on the Route 250 East Corridor Study - This study has recently been re-submitted to the County for further consideration and action. The County will now consider the recommendations of this study as part of the planning process for the Pantops Urban Area Neighborhood Master Plan.


Undertake improvements of Fontaine Avenue – This request has been modified to change the terminus of the project from Fontaine Research Park to the western terminus of Fontaine Ave.  The section of the road past the research park is in need of improvement given the road’s current condition and future traffic associated with potential future development.  Also added is a comment noting the ongoing City, County, and University update of the Southern Urban Area B Study.


Crozet TEA 21 Enhancement Grant – Notes that the County received TEA 21 funding in July 2004 for Phase I of the Crozet Streetscape Plan. The County will submit an application for Phase II in October 2004, which will include replacing existing deteriorated curbs and sidewalk, constructing new sidewalks, and installing other streetscape improvements (landscaping, plaza/bench, lights crosswalks, etc.) along the section of Crozet Avenue near its intersections with Jarman’s Gap Road and Tabor Street.




Staff recommends that the Board of Supervisors approve the attached recommended priorities for primary road system improvements.  Staff will make any modifications recommended by the Board of Supervisors and forward the final version of the statement to VDOT by October 9, 2004.




A - Albemarle County Primary Road Priority Statement
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