Criteria Utilized to Rank Secondary Roads




Provide status on revisions to criteria utilized to rank secondary roads



Tucker, Foley, Graham, Cilimberg, Benish, Wade





October 6, 2004


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Staff presented information and recommendations at the Board of Supervisors September 2, 2004 meeting on changes to the ranking system used for secondary road projects.  The Board of Supervisors offered several comments and recommendations. Board member David Wyant has been assisting staff in addressing these comments and recommendations. However, this work could not be completed in time for the October day meeting.  Staff will continue to work with Mr. Wyant to complete the review and update of the ranking criteria for consideration at the November day meeting.



31. Make the County a Safe and Healthy Community in which citizens feel secure to live, work and play.



There was one item that the Board of Supervisors wanted staff to include in the rating system that staff would like to provide some additional information on. This is the inclusion of volume/capacity ratio information as one of the ranking criteria.


Volume Design Capacity, commonly known as V/C Ratio:  This is a method of determining the capacity of a roadway based on a relation of road design/geometrics to existing or projected traffic volumes. The closer the ratio is to one (1), the closer to capacity the V/C Ratio indicates the roadway will be.  For example, if a road has a ratio of 0.65, it has available capacity for additional traffic. If a roadway has a ratio of 1.4, it is over capacity according to the V/C Ratio.  Determining the V/C Ratio for each roadway requires many pieces of supporting data.  Currently, there is no existing regularly updated source for V/C Ratios for all roads in the County. The VDOT Residency Office staff has indicated that they will not be able to consistently provide this information for all 116 projects that are currently on the priority list or potential new projects. The V/C Ratio may be available for some roadways due to previous studies, but it is not available comprehensively for all County roads. Staff currently utilizes some components used to develop a V/C Ratio as part of our current rating system (pavement width, should width, AADT).


Due to the infeasibility of determining the V/C Ratio for each project, staff believes it is best to continue using other available supporting data to help determine the capacity of a roadway. Staff will continue to monitor the availability of V/C Ratio information to rank secondary roads.  When V/C Ratio information is available for certain road projects under consideration, it may be supplementary used to validate or adjust the initial rankings of the projects if warranted.



No action is required.  As noted above, staff will continue to work with David Wyant in updating the ranking system and will provide proposed revisions to the Board in November. 



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