Reallocation of Secondary Road Funds for 29N Corridor/Northern Development Areas Transportation Study



Reallocate $300,000 from Meadow Creek Parkway Phase II (Now Northern Free State Road) to the 29N Corridor/Northern Development Areas Transportation Study



Tucker, Foley, Graham





October 6, 2004


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A number of transportation planning initiatives in the past two years have generated recommendations for new approaches to deal with land use and the transportation network in the Route 29 North Corridor and the County’s northern Development Areas.  The 29H250 Phase 1 and 2 Studies have identified alternative transportation improvements and land use scenarios in City/County 29N/250 Bypass/Hydraulic Road/Barracks Road area.  A third phase of this study effort has been anticipated by the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), City of Charlottesville and Albemarle County to take place in the Route 29 corridor north from the Phase 1 and 2 study area to the Greene County line.  Somewhat concurrently, the regional CHART 2025 Plan has been under development and, in its final form, recommends new construction projects and studies in this same area, including Berkmar Drive Extended, Meadow Creek Parkway Phase I, Hillsdale Drive Extended and Northern Free State Road (location study).  In the mean time, $1,552,051 in funding has accumulated in the County’s  6 Year Secondary System Construction Program for study/preliminary engineering of Meadow Creek Parkway Phase II, which has been re-designated in CHART and by the County as the Northern Free State Road.  Finally, the County has selected the Northern Development Areas, the geographic area within which the above-mentioned projects and studies would occur in the County, as the next area to be master planned.  Consultant proposals are currently under review for this project.




Goal 3.3 Develop and implement policies that address the County’s growth and urbanization while continuing to enhance the factors that contribute to the quality of life in the County.




The critical interrelationship between land use and transportation makes the coordination of land use and transportation study efforts essential.  Therefore, County staff and MPO staff determined that the timing of the Route 29 Corridor Phase III Study and the Northern Development Areas Master Plan creates an ideal opportunity to “marry” the two study efforts to accomplish a comprehensive analysis and set of findings and recommendations for future land use and transportation system development in the northern Development Areas of the County.  The overall project will integrate transportation planning, modeling, analysis, and design concepts for both the primary system’s Route 29 North Corridor and the surrounding secondary road system.  As part of this effort, locations for the CHART proposed Berkmar Drive Extended and redefinition of the purpose, intent and feasibility of Meadow Creek Parkway Phase II, now known as the Northern Free State Road, as well as Route 29 corridor and other transportation improvements can be identified that are complimentary with land use proposals for the study area.  Funding of this study supports the ultimate construction of portions of the secondary road network as well as the primary Route 29 North corridor.  While the Master Plan component has been funded by the County, full funding of the transportation system component that would be realized through the Corridor Study has not.  The following is the estimated cost and proposed funding sources for this component:


Albemarle County



County Capital Improvement Plan and developer contributions (proffers)



Secondary Roads Program


Portion of Albemarle’s Secondary funds set aside for Meadowcreek Phase 2 project, North of Rio (currently @$1.5 mil) which has been changed in scope and deferred in latest LRP and priority list




Funds typically used to fund VDOT support of MPO data and model development activities


source tbd-

may be combo



(Or) Planning funds requiring allocation by VDOT


Total Required


Note: This is a target budget, to be adjusted based on funds available and detailed scope review.


In discussions with VDOT representatives, Harrison Rue, Executive Director of the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission and lead staff for the MPO has determined that $300,000 could be re-allocated from existing funds in Meadow Creek Parkway Phase II (now Northern Free State Road) to this 29 North Corridor/Northern Development Areas Transportation Study.  That action is considered consistent with planning for the Northern Free State Road, as the first step of planning that road will be the same tasks as performed under this study.  This requires a resolution authorizing this change by the Board of Supervisors. 


While the transportation plan for the Corridor Study would be performed under the existing contract with the TJPDC, County staff will provide oversight to assure the Corridor Study is consistent with the needs of the County’s Northern Development Area’s Master Plan effort.  




Approve the attached resolution authorizing re-allocation in the current Secondary System Construction Program of $300,000 from Meadow Creek Parkway Phase II (Northern Free State Road), Project R000-002-253,PE101, to the 29 North Corridor/Northern Development Areas Transportation Study.




Resolution for Reallocation of Transportation Funds

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