Approval of two ACE appraisals for Fiscal Year 2003-04



Request approval of 2 completed appraisals for Fiscal Year 2003-04 ACE applicants.



Tucker, Foley, Davis, Kamptner, Cilimberg, Benish, Goodall






December 1, 2004


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On March 17th, 2004, the Board of Supervisors formally approved the ACE Committee’s recommendation to appraise four remaining properties from the Fiscal Year 2003-04 applicant pool (see Attachment “A”).  Due to three (3) voluntary withdrawals in the past year and the ineligible status of another, these four properties constitute the Fiscal Year 2003-04 applicant pool.    


Once a property is appraised, the Appraisal Review Committee is charged with reviewing the appraisals to assure they are consistent with appropriate appraisal guidelines and practices, and to make recommendations thereon to the Board of Supervisors on the appraisals.  If the Appraisal Review Committee determines the appraisals do not satisfactorily meet the established guidelines and practices, the appraiser is directed to revise the appraisals. 



Goal 2.1 – “Protect and/or preserve the County’s rural character”

Goal 2.2 – “Protect and/or preserve the County’s natural resources”



Before the County can extend an “Invitation to Offer to Sell” a conservation easement on these properties, the appraisals must be submitted by the Appraisal Review Committee for review and recommendation for action and then formally approved by the Board of Supervisors, as described in section A.1-110(H) of the ACE ordinance.


On August 6, 2004, Hallmark Properties completed the initial appraisals of four (4) properties from the Fiscal Year 2003-04 applicant pool.  Shortly thereafter, the Appraisal Review Committee met to review the four appraisals.  According to their review, three of the property appraisals (Hill, Shifflett and Page) needed revision because important “comparable” sales had been overlooked in the easement evaluation.  In addition, the Page property had to be revised because the initial appraisal did not account for a recently created riparian easement on 95 acres of the tract.  On October 10, 2004, staff received the revised appraisals, which were then distributed to members of the Appraisal Review Committee.  On November 8, the Appraisal Review Committee accepted the revised appraisals for Bieker and Shifflett.  However, the Page and Hill appraisals need additional revisions before the Committee will accept them.  In the interest of time and efficiency, staff has decided to submit the revised appraisals for Bieker and Shifflett.  When the revisions for Page and Hill are approved by the Appraisal Review Committee, staff will submit these to the Board for approval.  Staff anticipates these final revisions will be completed and reviewed by the Appraisal Review Committee in December.


Since the total value of the four appraisals (see Attachment “B”) should fall well within the allocated budget for this fiscal year, the resulting surplus will allow the ACE Program to have carryover funds for the next budget cycle when, based on the number of Year 2004-05 applications, it is anticipated our costs for purchasing easements may exceed the ordinary, annual allocation.  A total of ten (10) applications were received in the Year 04-05, totaling 2,019 acres.  At this time, all  ten applications are considered as having "good" or "excellent" prospects for acquisition.



Staff and the ACE Appraisal Review Committee recommend approval of the two appraisals by Hallmark Properties for the Bieker and Shifflett applications from the Fiscal Year 2003-04 applicant pool. (See Attachment “B”).



A - ACE Applications for Year 2003-04

B - Appraisals from 2003-04 ACE Applicant Pool

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