Development Areas Initiative Steering Committee II

October 26, 2004-- ROOM 235

Albemarle County Office Building

12:00 – 1:15 p.m.



MEMBERS PRESENT:   Bill Edgerton, Marilynn Gale, Katie Hobbs, Tom Loach, Steve Von Storch, Will Rieley, and Jeff Werner.


VISITORS:  Neil Williamson


STAFF:  Elaine Echols, and Mark Graham


1.                  Call to Order – Bill Edgerton called to order at 12:10 p.m.


2.                  Approval of Minutes from October 19, 2004 Meeting – On a motion of Will Rieley, seconded by Jeff Werner, the minutes were approved with the following changes.  The sentence, “No other changes were recommended” was added to the paragraphs related to Section 14-409 C and 14-313.


3.                  Review of Proposed Text Changes – Elaine Echols continued review of the memo dated October 15, 2004 entitled, STA Proposed Waivers.  She reviewed the proposed rewording for Section 14-234, Private Streets.  DISC II requested that the statements in section B. be modified so that they aren’t so awkward.  The meaning should not change; just the phrasing and construction should be improved.  No other changes to this section were recommended by DISC II.


Section 14-411 2, Private streets serving 3 – 5 lots, was discussed next.  Questions were raised on the meaning of “K” value in section 2.  Will Reiley asked about the design speed which would result in a K value of 5.  Mark Graham explained that it translated into a 15 m.p.h. speed.  Mr. Graham was asked to double check the “k” value and 100 foot sight distance in 14-411 2 just to make sure the right numbers appear in the text.  No other changes to this section were recommended by DISC II.


Section 14-411 E – Waiver of 3-5 lot private street in the rural areas was the next item discussed.  Ms. Echols said that this section was changed because, in the reformatting of the waivers in the ordinance, specific criteria were needed for this section, even though it related to the Rural Areas.  She said that she had received the suggested language from the Current Development staff but only discussed this section with Joan McDowell, Principal Planner for the Rural Areas, today.  Ms. McDowell said that she believed items (iii) and (iv) should be revised.  Item (iii) should be clearer about comprehensive goals related to the Rural Areas and item (iv) should require that the County Engineer be responsible for judging the safety of the private street.  DISC II agreed.  They suggested that the language in (iii) might read, “whether the waiver of this requirement would better meet the objectives of the Comprehensive Plan”.  They asked that staff provide appropriate language for sections (iii) and (iv).  No other changes were recommended by DISC II.


In discussion of Section 14-410 temporary turnarounds for all streets and alleys, DISC II asked that the ordinance clearly state that the “current edition” is intended for AASHTO guidelines, the Design Standards Manual, and all other reference documents.  The only other change to Section 14-410 noted in H. curb, curb and gutter, sidewalks, and planting strips, was item (vi).  This criteria, “whether waiving the requirement would better enable a different principle of the neighborhood model to be more fully implemented” was noted as the same as the criteria reviewed the week before.  DISC II noted that the text should reflect the changes suggested at last week’s meeting.  No other changes to Section 14-410 were recommended by DISC II.


In Section 14-422, Sidewalks and planting strips, DISC II asked for the following changes:  In E. Waiver from sidewalk requirements, item (ii), add the underlined words so the phrase reads, “whether a surface other than concrete is more appropriate for the subdivision because of the character of the proposed subdivision in relation to the surrounding neighborhood”.  DISC II noted that items (vii) in E. and (iv) in F. contain the same criteria which DISC II asked to be changed at the previous meeting.  They asked for the same change as before.  No other changes to Section 14-422 were requested by DISC II.


DISC II asked the staff to make the changes and forward its recommendation to the Board of Supervisors for its November 3 meeting.  


4.         Set Next Meeting Date – Staff said that it wished to bring the setback recommendations for a zoning text amendment to DISC II at a subsequent meeting.  DISC II agreed to wait until staff had recommended language before setting the next meeting date.


5.         Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 1:15 p.m.     

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